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News / Re: March Update 3
« Last post by PsychOXRat on Today at 01:24:47 AM »
yes I get it ben I respect clean racers (I enjoy it myself too from time to time), but was really fwd that much better that it broke the game? that what I was questioning
anyway, you have time to test new fwd? hows you think is it now balanced?

Tonza, to answer your first question: yes, fwd was that much faster it made it the default car if you wanted to win, 1 - 2 seconds a lap faster over 4-7 laps depending on track really helps you build up a lead, or overtake cars pretty damn easily

To answer your second question I'm going to reiterate a previous post, it seems like it's been given too much of a grip penalty, 10% less is a bit too much since now the car handles like it's on ice, with my ideal fixes being either 0.95-.97x the normal grip, or keep the static grip the same as normal so it handles fine when not spinning the wheels, but decrease the slide grip, so full throttle round a turn isn't broken like it used to be/still is to a lesser degree, so the car loses grip and understeers through turns when you put your foot down but takes the turn normally if you don't. This could also solve the locked diff being the best diff for the car since locked would cause the most wheelspin, so simultaneously give the least grip.
News / Re: March Update 3
« Last post by Ryan Callan on Today at 12:24:17 AM »
Further to my above reply, if things stay as they are, after a few weeks of real fun coming back to the game after a year, it will be dead again to me. I will no longer have any incentive.

This is not a blackmail post, but this is a feedback forum and the change has gone too far in my opinion, and seems extremely arbitrary.
News / Re: March Update 3
« Last post by Ryan Callan on Today at 12:02:03 AM »
I would hardly think that FWD is SO overpowered that they needed to have 11% less grip than RWD, on testing it seems like overkill to me, with no proper testing really involved on the developer end. Like Rat says, if you really think they are OP, 0.95 would have been fair. It's not like they can withstand a bump on the opposite side. Now the RWD cars have three advantages along with starting.
News / Re: March Update 3
« Last post by Rowdy Burns on March 23, 2018, 11:58:56 PM »
Loving what you guys are doing with the updates. Keep up the great work!

It looks like the "love taps" could do with some fine tuning in my opinion as it looks like the heavier taps of the tap range are going unpunished with the overall health.

Thanks! As for the love taps,  could you elaborate? You're not supposed to be penalized for light hits but of course there might be hits where it looks like it would make sense to give a health penalty, if that's what you mean. It's unlikely that it will be ever possible to tune this system perfectly for every car and every situation.

Yes that`s exactly what I mean! Given that it`d unlikely be ever perfect then it just adds another reason for me to stand by my suggestion of getting rid of the health bars!
Game Design / My whislist
« Last post by Folk_Racer on March 23, 2018, 11:39:12 PM »
I really like Wreckfest and what it has to offer but there are some features missing to make it perfect. Here is my list of what i would like to have.

More folk race cars like a sedan volvo, bmw e30, mazda 323, lada 2107 and some opel for example.

Different weather like rain which would make it more slippery on tarmac.

Turbo and turbo sound.

Interior tachometer.

Possibilty to make custom made preset ai with ability to choose name , car , paint and custom parts and then use them as bots in races.

Spray paint tool
Test drive eve of destruction had this kind if feature that you could paint what you wanted on the car with a spray can like racing numbers , team names and different designs. Would really fit this game.

Random ai
I hate seeing the same paintjob and design on the same cars over and over again. Isnt it possible to make the ai choose a random color, random design and random livery would give the game more variety especially if you only play single player with bots.

Would love to see this added.
News / Re: March Update 3
« Last post by Janne Suur-Näkki on March 23, 2018, 11:35:32 PM »
Finsku, currently the weathers are kind of messed up for the dedicated meaning that you can't properly configure them, we'll fix this issue in the next hotfix hopefully tomorrow.

Heddly, currently if you have a high framerate the motion blur is pretty indiscernible. We're planning on adding a low/high setting to make it more visible even in that case.
Bug Reports / March update 3 bugs, issues and questions
« Last post by Folk_Racer on March 23, 2018, 11:24:18 PM »
I recently updated my game to the march update 3 and found a number of bugs and issues.

First off i noticed tha when customizing a car i have duplicates of parts for almost every car often 3 of the same "none" part.

Parts on the Boomer are completly broken from a certain distance in replay mode. The new front grill is messed up and the hood is rotated downwards.

I also have another issue with the game and that is the removal of content. Why is that ?  There is now removed alot of older skins and cars not particulary from this update.

Why was the broken windshield in interior cam removed instead of adding it as an option ? I am a more hardcore folk racer in this game and would like it back.

There was alot of new wheels in this update but also old ones removed why ? Isnt it better to have more content and options to choose from ?
News / Re: March Update 3
« Last post by Heddly on March 23, 2018, 10:47:28 PM »

Could there be a lever which defines how much motionblur game has. Now it's just ON/OFF.

Does it work in this new update? I tried it in the last update and didn't notice a difference when it was off or on.

MSAA is still bugged on my Radeon R9 200 4gb video card.

I also tested the Motion Blur and it seems there is no effect. My video is 720p. You may want to enlarge it.

This is the first time I have tested motion blur in the game. I have not seen this reported before, that is why I am posting.
News / Re: March Update 3
« Last post by Tonza on March 23, 2018, 10:43:16 PM »
Janne, I've had a look at the FWD "fix" if you can even call it that. You've given FWD cars a specific tyre profile that has exactly 90% of the grip available to RWD cars. Unfortunately, I wasn't surprised by this, more disappointed and annoyed that instead of taking the time to fix the actual issue, being the physics and differentials, I'll reiterate that FWD cars are NOT fastest with a locked diff, you instead done a 20 second botch job that anyone could have done. Did it really take you multiple updates and hotfixes to decide "Hey, take the normal value and multiply it by 0.9, that's a definite fix to our totally not flawed physics". If this is how you address issues with NCG, no wonder the same bugs from years ago are still around today.
At this point I think you've killed the game, you've just shown us you aren't willing to properly address issues.

Hate me for this post if you want, but man have I just gotten too annoyed by this to let you get away with a light "hey, I don't like how you've done this" post.
ehh it's only really a "problem" in clean racing
both the current fwd cars are weak and they don't exactly handle well a slight kiss to the cheek from big hunk of american metal  8) (or metal from anywhere around the world for that matter)
also have you tried the update yet? it just came out, and you here judging so hard

Still if it is a problem/bug in the game it should be fixed right? What I have seen the last couple of months are that the racing server aka clean racing servers are the most popular, maybe that have been when I have been looking but eaither way overall I think its 50/50 and should still get a fix on it.

In the last update many of the ppl doing derby etc dident like the normal dmg for example becuse some cars looked like they still never had a big crash or anything and for us clean racing this was not a problem, but still I said it need to be fixed so  everyone can enjoy the game. :P
yes I get it ben I respect clean racers (I enjoy it myself too from time to time), but was really fwd that much better that it broke the game? that what I was questioning
anyway, you have time to test new fwd? hows you think is it now balanced?
News / Re: March Update 3
« Last post by SkinnierSteve on March 23, 2018, 10:27:05 PM »
I decided to do reviews of the updates now. Here's my first one:

Pros:     1. Cool new customization options
             2. Awesome that realistic damage is now in career mode.
             3. I like that love taps no longer take you out.
             4. AI car sound bugs have been fixed.
             5. New weather and skybox look good.
             6. More chaos and insanity with the new AI is very fun.
             7. Lawnmower physics are more fun now.
             8. I like the new UI improvements.

Cons:   1. New damage system is worse imo. Car deformation now looks weird instead of realistic like in March update 2, engine gets pushed into the cockpit, hood comes off too easily, especially in realistic damage mode, etc.

             2. Almost impossible to win a derby in realistic mode, since your chassis health bar drops so quickly, and it eliminates any strategy, because no matter if you hit with the front or the back, your Chassis health drops. It would make much more sense if the HP bar gets removed for realistic mode, and make the mechanical damage be the cause of DNF instead of the HP bar, for example, if engine is destroyed, you are out. If gearbox is broken, you are stuck in your current gear. Wheels should be able to get stuck from bending too much, making them useless. Also, the DNF thing should be different in realistic mode. It should work with a count out instead of immediately saying DNF, like for example, if your car can't move due to too much damage, a countdown timer should start, and if you don't get your car moving in those 20 or 30 seconds, you are counted as wrecked. Sort of like the contact timer, but it doesn't reset if another car touches you, because if your car doesn't move, it counts down. It could be calculated like this: If the wheels that give drive doesn't spin in 30 seconds, you're counted wrecked. Also, add a separate damage icon for radiator, that way when it gets damaged, your engine will gradually overheat and take more damage slowly from the heat. More expensive radiators can be harder to destroy, and cools more efficiently. That would encourage players in realistic mode to play tactical. Also, they can't keep using the rear of the car to attack forever, the rear wheels will get stuck once it is bent too much, and if you have a front wheel drive car, it will make it much harder to drive if your rear wheels are stuck. That would make realistic damage derbies much better imo. Normal derbies can stay the way it is, it works well for normal mode.
     3. There's a bug with the new parts's names and stuff. There's more than one stock bumper for example, and one of the stock bumpers is the exact same one that is bumper 3 for example, and it costs $0 unlike bumper 3 that costs $350. This is only an example btw, but there's plenty of that bug in the parts shop.

     4. The hood exhaust deforms and stretches in very weird and unrealistic ways.

     5. On crash canyon, some AI takes the opposite route they are supposed to take. For example, when getting to the loop where the cars have to go around and turn back towards the other side, some cars turn left and some turn right when getting to the loop, and that makes some cars race in the opposite direction of the other cars. It does make for some spectacular crashes, but it can be frustrating as well, when you are going around the final loop, and some crazy AI going in the wrong direction rams your car head on.

That's about it for the review. I hope my feedback helps! Also, sorry for the text walls in the cons, I just had to give feedback on how you could possibly fix some of the issues I mentioned.
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