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Information / Re: Any info about PC version
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 02:49:32 AM »
My guess is we will see PC version out by end if June if Wreckfest is ready for prime time. Consoles maybe by Christmas.
Have you guys tried raising the height number for the startpoints?

Maybe try 20 and see if the cars drop to the trackmap. If they do, lower the height number until cars not dropping down to track. Or go to 50 if you have to.

Bug Reports / Re: Free can in replay starts far from the start line
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 02:30:32 AM »
Free cam maybe jumping to where coordinates 0,0 are on the track map?

Be better if free cam would jump to the start line checkpoint coordinates?
Tracks / Re: Unused Route Potential?
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 02:27:23 AM »
Yup, many track possibles out there. After final release, will have to see about making some them routes race-able, if Bugbear has not.

Did do this track for GoKart Raceway Plus mod earlier this month that was suggest by Technopath:

I got half this track ready to go:

That blue line was Tarmac 3 mixed ( Bugbear added some slight dirt hills :) ). Janne said Bugbear drop track becuase they did not have the time to polish this track. I did add Tarmac 3 Mixed to GoKart mod last year but the new Builds this year broke the track. :(

This track I hope Bugbear will bring back when they got the time to add it.  :D :D

Jump to 8:09 to see Tarmac 3 Mixed:

News / Re: April Update – Let's Hear Your Opinion!
« Last post by TPEHAK on Today at 02:22:01 AM »
My opinion is the game is great now, the latest update is very good, graphic is crispy and juicy, and I love the physics and the cars handling. Just needs a little user interface polishing, like blend the background of the loading animated sign with background of the screen, currently is looks unfinished and sketchy.
Bug Reports / Appearing Stop sign for no reason on Oval track
« Last post by TPEHAK on Today at 02:17:00 AM »

Appearing Stop sign for no reason on Oval track


I happened with me in multilayer on partial Oval track with looped ends. The Stop sign appeared from beginning of the race and stayed on my screen up to the end of the race. But I did not lost the path, I did not go opposite way, I went in the right direction and I holded my place, the laps was counting as normal and I was able to finish the race.


Game Design / Re: Teams Racing
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 02:07:05 AM »
You can have team racing in Wreckfest, can have up to 4 different teams and extra points per lap, are given from 1-8th position. At the 6:00 time mark in this video, can see a team race with 3 teams:

We've used the team deathmatch for cops and robbers:

Game Design / Re: Custom numbers
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 01:52:38 AM »
Yes, would be nice to have.  :D

Thanks Zeb!  :D

I didn't understand why they change that, and as usual there is no wiki on how it works now ! :/ Because my start grid for one of my track is broken now !
News / Re: April Update – Let's Hear Your Opinion!
« Last post by Heddly on Today at 12:55:20 AM »
Bring back ai going wrong way on crash canyon.
Add a 3 - 5 second delay to reset
or have cars automatically roll back onto wheels after 5 - 7 seconds... Maybe.

You could set the car to be able to only reset when it comes to a complete stop, that way you would be able to watch the excitement of it tumbling around which could be enough time to stop taking advantage of reset
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