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Support / Re: New Wreckfest won’t load help!?
« Last post by sam223 on Today at 08:53:13 PM »
DDI version 10.Game needs 11.

You have display drivers from 2013 aswell though,maybe there is a newer version on the manufacturers website
Game Design / Re: Moving suspension parts..
« Last post by rxdpunk on Today at 08:33:36 PM »
Moving suspension would be a nice touch. I really agree about attaching the wheels to an axle. When the car body gets highly damaged you end up with magical floating wheels which to me breaks immersion.
Bug Reports / Re: Alt+Tab crashes the game
« Last post by Gugus on Today at 06:52:24 PM »
Hi all !

Happens everytime everywhere for you? Or just in multiplayer only or something like that?

This doesn’t matter, it happens either from title menu, or from multiplayer game, or anywhere in the game.

dont crash for me from alt-tabbing. playing on fullscreen. am on win7

Under w10, it worked perfectly prior the january update.
I’m hosting a dedicated server on the same machine, so I often alt-tab-switched to it from within the game to manage my server,
then going back to the game without problems.

Please use the windowed mode (there's also borderless) if you need to switch tasks.

Ok, thanks for the tip !
However, do we agree this is not a solution, just a workaround ? almost all other games I have manage perfectly well alt+tab without going to windowed mode.
anyway, it seems that windowed mode works without any drop in my FPS, that’s good for me. Thank you very much for your reactivity, and long live to bugbear :)
Hi, thanks for your feedback.

however, I’ve no problem with this. As pointed out by what you are telling me, that’s why I often choose "custom wheel" instead of "g25 wheel" on most simracing games, as the brake pedal axis is inverted.

The difference between all these games and wreckfest is :

- on almost all games (rFactor2, project cars, assetto corsa, euro truck simulator 2, dirt rallye, etc etc etc...), I can setup the brake axis correctly *once for all*.
- on wreckfest, once I setup the brake axis, it stays after a few reboots, then I need to "re-learn" the brake axis to the game.. and it appears inverted (sometimes it works as RZ-AXIS +, some other times it works as RZ-AXIS -).

I repeat : wreckfest is the real *only* game that has this strange behaviour with my brake pedal.

I’ve got a friend of mine who encounters the exact same issue, with the same mod on a G27.
Multiplayer / [GER] »»» GERMAN PLAYERS «««
« Last post by P4InKiLLeR on Today at 12:20:19 PM »


wir sind eine kleine MultiGaming Community bei der Ihr keinerlei
Verpflichtungen habt , die Homepage und die Server
werden von uns bezahlt und auch gewartet!

Unsere Spielzeit liegt meistens abends zum Feierabend aber bedingt durch
Schichtarbeit sind auch tagsüber oder spät in der Nacht immer ein
paar Spieler bei uns anzutreffen!

Wir spielen ohne Stress & Zwang denn wir möchten einfach nach
der Arbeit ein paar gemütliche Runden drehen und dabei abschalten!

Des weiteren haben wir auf unserem Teamspeak Server einige Radio
MusicBots die von allen Reg.Mitgliedern kostenlos genutzt werden können!

? Was bieten wir:

? Mitglieder: 100+
? Atmosphäre: spaßige Feierabendzocker/zockerinnen
? Unkosten für Mitglieder: keine
? Durchschnittsalter: ca.25-65
? Webseite: Forum inkl.Styles [Battlefield,Steam,Battlegrounds ect.]
? Teamspeak: 512 Slots + 8 MusicBots
? GameServer: Minecraft, Battlefield, Arma 3, CS, TF2, CoD
? Spielerregionen: DE, AUT, CH, FR, IT

? Was erwarten wir:

? Mindestalter: 20+
? Spieler Erfahrungen: egal [Rang im Spiel ect.]
? Spielweise: keine Einzelkämpfer [Teamplayer]
? Einstellung:  Spieler die ein festes zu Hause suchen [keine ClanHoper]
? Kommunikation: Teamspeak [Headset]
? SpielModus: bevorzugt HardCore

? Was spielen wir:

? diablo 3
? overwatch
? battlefield 1,2,3,4 bad company 2
? starcraft 2
? heroes of the storm
? path of exile
? wreckfest
? rocket league
? rainbow six siege
? battlegrounds
? ghost recon wildlands
? guild wars 2
? destiny 2
? 7 days to die
? the division
? grand theft auto? 5?

? Wo findet Ihr uns:

? Webseite:
? Teamspeak IP: [PW im Forum]

Schaut doch mal bei uns vorbei,

Game Design / Re: trailer racing
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 09:14:01 AM »
Bugbear would like to give us trailer races someday, they have done some testing.  :D

I'm thinking Bugbear will need to DNF your car once your trailer is de-hitch from car, so only players with a trailer still connected to car can finish race.

Trailer\ caravan races be a great why for Bugbear to show off their soft body damage model. :)
Modding / Re: 3DSMax Plugins Not working
« Last post by TheButterApple24 on Today at 07:10:34 AM »
From my testing only 2015 and 2016 versions of Max supports the BB scripts. You got any of those versions to test?

Yeah, I got the 2015 version and the plugins work fine
General Discussion / Re: Things to avoid for a GOOD launch
« Last post by dave3d on Today at 06:53:25 AM »
... In career mode I say the progression is pretty good overall, and honestly it doesn't take that long to unlock things if you have some patience....

Like 'sort of pregnant' ?

I still stand by assertion that the easier it is to 'get into' the game, the longer people will stick around, nopt the other way around.
There are just TOO MANY good games, and shoot even bad games (but how do you know until you try it?) in gaming today, and devs still take a 'play our way or dont play at all' approach to gaming, when they should be taking a 'get as many gamers to buy the game as possible so they might stick around and tell their friends about it' way of gaming.
Shoot, with Steams 2 hour limit, and the setup taking so long for games nowadays, players get about 40 minutes of REAL gaming before they decide to refund or not.
Does no one get that nowadays?
Players are more likely to refund a game than take a chance on a game.
FlatOut 2 / Re: Ai driver skin
« Last post by sianlihaa on Today at 05:36:30 AM »
hi after i extracted bfs file it doenst show me data files but when i select the folder in bfs extractor there it shows the data files but doesnt show them in the folder normaly
Game Design / trailer racing
« Last post by rxdpunk on Today at 04:48:30 AM »
Another idea i though would be really fun, and compliment the already visceral and destructive game play is trailer racing.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, just look it up on YouTube.  You tow a trailer behind you.  You can have various types from little pull behind campers to wacky creations.  They add another layer to the physics chaos and more destruction is always fun!
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