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Modding / How make AI race just 1 modded car?
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 09:01:54 AM »
I was testing Sam gokart yesterday, but could not find a way to get AI to use gokart. Tried going online with a player host and do host car option to get the AI to use gokart, but AI would not take kart, kept seeing invalid car.

Offline, you can set AI to use Supervan, Bus, and some other cars. Anybody know the files the game uses to set what car the AI use?
Support / Re: Cannot Join Online and went to level 1
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 08:10:18 AM »
Sound like something happen to your career files if you are back to level 1. If you did not make a copy of this folder where Wreckfest save your progress, You won't be able get your 40 hrs back.

C:\Program Files (x86)Steam\userdata\[YOUR UNIQUE USER ID]\228380\local\wreckfest

Were you using any mods when this happen?  Might need to do this if you seeing all red Xs when going online:

"First try launching the game with "-disable_mods" (without quotes) launch option (right click on the game name in Steam Library > Properties > Set Launch Options). If that doesn't help, remove\ rename C:\Program Files (x86)Steam\userdata\[YOUR UNIQUE USER ID]\228380\local\wreckfest\modlist.mods file and try again."
Modding / Re: Can Custom Skins be used Online?
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 08:02:07 AM »
I use custom skins online, but I the only one that see them:

I overwrite the stocks skins with the new custom skins.

I do have some track mods where I got the permission to add some the skinners skins too. :) When using my custom track mods online, everybody can see the custom skins I have available to use.

Tracks / Re: Why Pine Hills alternative long route is not in the game?
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 07:49:21 AM »
I use the Saturday Night Mods night to give some track mods some exposure, like my track mods. ;)

Do think it be a good idea for Bugbear to pick some custom mods, custom car and track mods, get modders permission and put the mods together so they all play nice and release a free mods DLC for PC and consoles.  :D
Other Games / Re: Steam EA - Grip (Rollcage spiritual sequel)
« Last post by dave3d on Today at 05:12:00 AM »
How is the racing?
Is it more like 'Combat' than racing?
Or can you JUST race, and not need any combat?

Compare to:
Flatout 2
Gas Guzzlers.

Which is it closer to?

And, is it arcady, like NOS and eveything, or is it stiff racing like Wreckfest?

General Discussion / Re: Future content, Stuntfest & Consoles
« Last post by dave3d on Today at 05:01:09 AM »
I would like to see a game somewhere in-between Wreckfest and Ridge Racer Unbounded.
Not so ridgid as wreckfest, and not so loose as unbounded.
Hey, how about a FlatOut 2 type game in the new engine? That fits the description of not too ridgid and not too loose.
Modding / Re: Mod Development Screenshots
« Last post by Pantherboat on Today at 04:14:09 AM »
My kind of track!!  :D
I assume you will be putting together you own trackpack ( you plan on doing more tracks? ) But if you like, I could add track to my fig8 track mod, if you like?

I'll make more tracks after this one, though idk how many more tracks I'd make. If I make enough, I'd definitely consider putting them together in a pack.

Also, thanks for the offer, but I'd rather keep this as a standalone mod for now.

Any jumps and/or explosions?

No explosives (sadly), but...

there's a few jumps.

Multiplayer / Setting up new server
« Last post by Padinn on Today at 04:04:24 AM »
I feel pretty good with the server commands, is there a list of the maps and a sense of what the map is (like a picture?) I can use as a resources? Working on setting up the event loop.
Tracks / Re: Why Pine Hills alternative long route is not in the game?
« Last post by sam223 on Today at 02:11:43 AM »
I agree with the console side, and its not that uncommon for developers to polish up 3rd party content post game release, to provide additional content.More difficult on consoles maybe? As TVE said i think most would give their consent. I just don't think you should wait as a PC player.

Maybe bugbear could run a few community events using their servers when they get back, maybe some with mods.
Support / Cannot Join Online and went to level 1
« Last post by D1ngleberry on Today at 01:29:08 AM »
I have over 40 Hours on the game, but today when i went to get on i went back to level 1 and now cannot play online. Anyone have any idea on how to fix.
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