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Bug Reports / Re: Scrolling Server list crashes game
« Last post by Purple44 on August 09, 2018, 05:33:53 PM »
It just been confirm there maybe an issue with the server list. Maybe a bad server causing the crash is one theory. From the Wreckfest Discord bug report channel:

TADS GamingToday at 4:43 AM
dont know if this has been said but my game will crash when scrolling though the server list, not everytime but 50/50

 I just scroll the list down and then scroll it slow going back up and no crash.

Bug Reports / Re: Crash everytime when going into settings menu
« Last post by Priappe on August 09, 2018, 03:42:18 PM »
I m not sure there is the detail they want, the fact is that i stopped playing this game before the full release, so i missed a couple of patchs and i don t know WHEN this bug came out :/
I can play with no problem or bug at all with my G27, mouse and keyboard connected, so it's not that boring. We're not in the rush and everybody deserve time off, what's the point of life otherwise ?  ;)
Player-Run Events / Re: Saturday Night Mod(s)
« Last post by Purple44 on August 09, 2018, 11:04:37 AM »
Here the details for the next Saturday Night Mods night ( first time getting race a gokart online :) ):

Host server:  Saturday Night Mod > semi-rough\clean

US server provided by jquitwho

Start time:  6:00pm pacific time\ 1:00 GMT start time\  9:00pm eastern\ 2:00am London\ Sun 11:00am down-under     Saturday, Aug 11, 2018

Mod(s):  Will need these mods enable and listed in this order in Mods tab:

Old Wreckfest texture files

The Very TrackPack
  Need End trackpack for some missing trees and for the new Gokart Warehouse Fig8 track.

GoKart Raceway Plus 

Sam Gokart Sam gokart is now live :)

Password:   no password needed

Discord server:
   provided by Devils Shadow  I making the move to discord, but I have no mic yet ( long story )

Resets:   May use a delayed reset on some tracks.

Be sure to get some practice with Sam's gokart when it get release. Hopefully by at least Friday. Gokart still being tweaked.  :P

About the gokart, in my testing of kart, will need use the brake to make sharp turns or you going to end up going wide. Also I use a wheel with no assists, I needed to tweak my Advanced Controller settings:

I used 70% FF, had to drop FF to 65% to stop wheel from shaking to much. Gokart steering very touchy, so I lower Steering Sensitivity from 30 to -40 to slow down my steering.

I plan do to a lot of racing with Sam gokart. Added 2 new gokart tracks to Gokart Raceway Plus mod and kart good for racing on the Gravel track.  :D

Be sure to checkout the custom skins from Zeb, Vin Petrol, Asido and bill1974!  That are in the GoKart mod.  :D

I went looking for some custom skins for some the new cars we got and I got permission to add my picks to the GoKart mod.  Big thanks Asido and bill1947!  :D  Here some pics.

From bill1947:

From Zeb ( hope get 1 or 2 more skins Friday ):

And here skins from Asido that are decals and you can change the underneath color:

And there more customs skins added that are not pictured here. So be sure to checkout the custom skins you will find in the garage. And again thanks to the skinners Zebulon55, Vin Petrol, Asido and bill1974!  :D :D

Event could go 2-3 hours or maybe longer. Who knows!
Modding / Re: Some vehicle modding questions
« Last post by sam223 on August 09, 2018, 06:08:43 AM »
how do export chevy 57 and harvester

Impossible to export cars from game
Modding / Re: Some vehicle modding questions
« Last post by gcr27 on August 09, 2018, 04:47:19 AM »
how do export chevy 57 and harvester
Multiplayer / Re: Setting up new server
« Last post by Padinn on August 09, 2018, 03:56:40 AM »
That seems to work well. Thanks!
But how does Bugbear fix Wreckfest crashing, locking up and save game goes bad?

A lot thinks can crash or lockup Wreckfest. I've done it plenty of times while modding the game and have not lost my career progress modding Wreckfest since 2016.

Only lost career progress after Bugbear release an update that wipe career and car files. Think this happen at least once before final release and final release.

But did have modlist file go bad.

  Just had my modlist file go bad again. Last night was testing Sam gokart and Heddly new tweaks to it, before going to bed. Today I go to start Wreckfest and half way through game trying load, game crashes. Rebooting computer did not fix. I renamed modlist file, modlist111 and Wreckfest boots up again.

Hey, I just notice I level 50, most of done that last Saturday night online. ) Guess I better go backup my save files!!

Lol, there were definitely more than 2 career wipes throughout Wreckfest's life (Including release and before release). We have probably bought more cars than most people do in a lifetime on Wreckfest by now with all the career resets... Then again, some of them happened very early in the game with 5 or so cars
General Discussion / Re: Name in Game :)
« Last post by St. Jimmy on August 09, 2018, 01:28:27 AM »
Yep, there was.
If you KS'ed it, then you can log into KS and see all the tiers.
I always went for the dvd versions, because I love having the game on disk.
But, I didnt get Carmageddon: Reincarnation dvd (nor ANYTHING else for that matter, and I did the $150 tier for them), nor did I get this Wreckfest dvd.
This is why I dont do KS or Early Access anymore. They promise the moon, then dont deliver on anything.
Also the Kickstarter money was refunded to everyone, just to add, so you didn't get the game free ;) You bought it from BB site after the failure.
Support / Re: insta crash when open settings menu
« Last post by Purple44 on August 09, 2018, 01:08:36 AM »
Here another post about settings crashing Wreckfest:

Crash everytime when going into settings menu
Hi, i m running an updated windows 10 x64 with i7 6700K, 16Gb of ram and a 1070 (if ever it helps).
I've allready deleted all the settings everywhere on my computer and redownload the game but it changes nothing. I m playing since the first moments of the early access (congrats for this game BTW so fun) i saw that some folders changed.
I m allways crashing when i click on settings ingame (x32 or x64 launcher aswell) and i know why. The unfortunate thing is that it wasn't crashing before the full release two or three month ago. I m playing with a G27 with a homemade handbrake. The handbrake is what it makes it crash, even if i only connect this peripheral, it s crashing even with different usb port, and ofc i tried to reinstall this peripheral on different usb port to check before report.

The controler of my analog handbrake is an arduino promicro with an analog sketch loaded to it. It's seen by windows as a classic game controler called "sparkfunmicro". The sketch is available here :
(it s working fine on every other game like assetto corsa, dirt rally, etc.)

Thx alot for all the work done, my friends and I can t wait to be back on it !! (handbrake is strongly needed in order to avoid damages on my radiator when landing into someone ^^)

EDIT: no mod
Bug Reports / Re: Crash everytime when going into settings menu
« Last post by Purple44 on August 09, 2018, 01:06:28 AM »
Thanks for posting so much details. This will help Bugbear Devs figure this problem out.

It looking like some the Bugbear Devs are back in the Studio this week. Hopefully next week Bugbear could release a hotfix to fix this issue a lot guys running into.
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