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News / Re: First News from Nodic
« Last post by Facial_Burns on Today at 01:49:15 PM »
I hope they continually add additional content to the console versions when they're released.
Or at least have a community where people can upload different paint schemes, vehicles, tracks, etc.
Track editor would be a fun addition

Bug Reports / Re: Ragdoll still bugged (?)
« Last post by Spaceface on Today at 10:25:21 AM »
For me the ragdoll geometry falls apart when stuck in the air.
Bug Reports / Re: Hosting Multiplayer - Crash With Bot (Lawnmower)
« Last post by Spaceface on Today at 10:22:16 AM »
I can confirm that the ragdolls/mowers make the game very unstable. If anyone chooses a mower in an online lobby, anyone else's game may crash. We did a few mower races the other night on dedicated server, and  everyone's game crashed at least twice. Also, the ragdolls seem to cause weird graphic anomalies on the Tour of the Destruction track. I've included an imgur and youtube link below.
Post from today over at Steam forum thread:

Quote from: Purple44;1470842897551208452
Quote from:  ASSASSIN  Devils Shadow;1470842897550199323
Is there any way the devs can remove it?

We had a discussion about Next Car Game: Original Cars mod today thanks to Burns and Burns got to talk to P-iss Cakehole. STR took a look at the mod today and give mod his OK for now. STR stuff been removed.

Read from bottom up, from workshop page:

Purple44 8 hours ago
But a reminder to all Wreckfest modders, if want use other modders content, need to ask them first for their OK first, before adding other modders work to yours. I got my track packs and I make sure I got permission to add another modders track to my pack and give plenty of credit to modder that made the track.

Purple44 8 hours ago
Been talking with STR and for now give mod the OK.

Piss Cakehole  [author] 8 hours ago
im saying this now, and again: i do not steal his content. That content is now removed and replaced with my own

Purple44 9 hours ago
But if you use STR Christmas mod in your mod without asking, that consider stealing another modders work!!!

Piss Cakehole  [author] 9 hours ago
it works for me right now

Purple44 9 hours ago
Piss, you converted the christmas cars to work in Wreckfest and fix them again to work with the June Build?

Piss Cakehole  [author] 9 hours ago
its not copyright content. Its MY content and NOT his. you have NO reason to complain here

Piss Cakehole  [author] 9 hours ago

Purple44 9 hours ago
Hey, how is it the Christmas cars that STRmods spent time getting the Christmas cars working with the June Build, back in your mod Piss? Did you get STRmods OK to add them back?
Mod Share / Re: findRED's Real V8s Mod v0.3
« Last post by findRED on Today at 05:25:07 AM »
V0.4xx Alpha 2 Update

I want to get this done, so yeah, this update happens to be sooner than I originally planned.
I have now worked over the Fordington 302 family and the Chevit 454 family of engines.
The pricing for most items is $1, or their efficiency improvement percentage, as I have given a lot of items a "value" of 1 for testing purposes.

This update includes the new Fordington family of:
347ci Stroker

and the new Chevit 454 family of:
454ci Big Block
496ci Stroker Big Block

This mod is still rough around the edges.  Some of the parts are a bit op.  Some are designed that way and will later be balanced by a reasonably realistic cost.
Read the changelog.txt to see all the changes.

Install just the same way as before.  I think you can copy the contents of the unzipped file directly over your existing Alpha 1 update and allow the new files to over-right the old ones. (not tested, but should work)

Alpha 2(will also put link on original post.)

Have fun, and wreck hard!
News / Re: First News from Nodic
« Last post by RexDarr on Today at 03:15:47 AM »
I hope they continually add additional content to the console versions when they're released.
Or at least have a community where people can upload different paint schemes, vehicles, tracks, etc.
Track editor would be a fun addition
After watching the video I made, I can listen to the car´s motor´s sound in the video, but while in game there´s nothing! What it could be?

I notice another behavior, if the car motor is behind, when you look ahead theres no sound, if the motor is in the front, when you look behind, theres no motor's sound!
I disabled The Very TrackPack and Example, now the car is more resistant as before, but it became extremely hard to control. And the car´s sound doesn´t make any noise. But is I change the camera to rear view i can listen the motor.

There´s no motor´s sound. I only listen to the other cars!

You can see in this video I made.
Modding / Re: Alpha Texture Issues On Track Scenery
« Last post by Mazay on August 15, 2017, 01:30:37 PM »
I don't really know what's wrong, but I have couple of wild quesses what to try.

Probably the shader id is wrong. Does the material have _n.tga and _s.tga textures? Just loading the 1 pixel templates from textures folder can change shader to one that maybe works better at times.

Does 1 bit and alpha transparency make difference in how it's rendered? Atleast the buggy windows have alpha transparency so maybe switching to 1 bit could do something. Tree branches etc. have 1bit. I am not 100% sure how to change, but maybe saving as _c1.tga before .bmap conversion does it.
What mods you have? You should disable them first.
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