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So as someone who's had the game pre-ordered since last November, I've been asked around on YouTube by several people as how to Pre-Order for console. To my surprise, the Console Pre-Order section on the Bugbear official website has disappeared, only the Steam Pre-Order remains.

So what's the deal with that? Has the Console Pre-Order met a deadline?
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Maybe it's because Bugbear has a publisher now (THQnordic) who likes to have a piece of that cake and BB is not allowed anymore (contracts) to sell Wreckfest directly from their website.


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That don't seem like that be a good deal for Bugbear. With Steam sales, Bugbear will have to share profits of a sale with Steam and THQ.

With selling Wreckfest from Bugbear site, Bugbear get to keep all the profit and now would share some that profit with THQ.

I'm thinking once Bugbear\THQ make the announcement for pre-orders for final version of Wreckfest PC, that Bugbear will be selling Wreckfest at Bugbear site again.
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I think its a good sign that they have THQ on board, that things are getting close... but how close? It would be nice if instead of a hopeful release date, how about saying when it definately WONT be out before X date.
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