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And why exactly must certain features be locked to specific genres?

Grid 2 had that and it sucked.
1)  I never said anything but my own opinion on the "sim like" ideas
2) Grid 2 had a weak storyline, and the online is rubbish to a certain point where it's tier 1 VW tier 2 nismo/RS? and so on, a car that beats all the others by a mile

My comment was more in response to the start of yours rather than your opinion which is completely welcome, you stated it wasn't a sim racer in a factual sense which I'm fully aware of but you also implied that since it wasn't a sim racer those kind of features wouldn't suit the game which is (In my opinion) a terrible assumption.

Games have been picking apart other genres and borrowing their features for quite some time now, gta does this with practically everything and at it's core it is still a sandbox action game.

Rambling aside I think those features suit the game very well, purpose built race cars are designed to minimise such drawbacks. Since we are going to be driving around in worn out beaters I think they would be a welcomed addition.


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I don't usually like driving games. But FO2 is really an exception. I think FO2 has very good balance when it comes to realism vs arcade kind of things. I am very surprised of so much praising FO1. I didn't like it at all. Bare in mind that I played FO2 before FO1


I played FO2 first, then FOUC. And finally FO1. I liked FO1 for the more realism, though the traction seemed to be a bit off the charts in FO1... And the handling was a little funky. Though far better than in FO2 and FOUC. The only thing I liked better about FOUC is more tracks, better sounds, Eye candy, basically. And the cars felt like they had some fucking torque and there was a little better rear wheel slippage which I appreciate... I really don't like not being able to spin the rear tires on dirt with 400+ hp... Kinda makes the car feel weak lol.


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I always preferred the heavier feel that the cars in FlatOut 1 had. The driving felt just right on the challenging side in my opinion. However, I found many of the destructibles to be a bit too heavy. For example, if you hit a simple fence, your car would be completely caught by it, costing you precious time.
FlatOut 2 on the other hand had way too light destructibles. Only a few of the biggest props seemed to have any kind of effect on the cars.
Personally I'd prefer a healthy mix of both 1 and 2. I haven't played UC that much, so I can't really comment on it.


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Yeah if you guys can find a good feel of the contact with the ground coupled with a good lift-off/handbrake sliding model it's going to be great. That said; it's a MUST to have communicative Force Feedback for our wheels and not the utterly horrible rail type control from the GRID series where it's only a linear push towards the center.

But as I played the first FlatOut games with a Thrustmaster and had a blast I'm not too worried; but the mainstream games nowadays strive to only cater for the "full-throttle-no-brains" audience; which is a real shame.

But then again; you're gearheads. Please give us a great gravel, great horse power feel with some weighty physics! Omnomnom!


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I for one would like some wheel spin and break locking. Not to sim levels but there anyways.

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Simulation on a level of Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo would be a dream come true.
I hope that it'll be more hardcore than FO1's. I also loved how the onjects were pretty heavy against car like Pepper :D
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I still remember coming in here demanding FO2/FOUC-like physics a few months back. I was far too engrossed with Burnout and other arcade-style racing games.
I think we should just mix FO1 driving physics (cars feeling heavy and slide all around) and FO2 object dynamics (because what kind of a car flips over when it runs over cones?)

Games these days just try to appeal to the mass market, especially with GRID 2 and it's "TrueFeel" driving, doesn't feel realistic at even the slightest. Just to trick people into thinking it's a realistic racing game. At least that's how I see it.
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FlatOut 1 is my favourite racing gmae of all time since I played the demo... I played it much despite it having two tracks and one stunt. I loved the drifting all over track style of racing and hazards of "destructable" and not very destructable objects really make your rear diffuse with whatever you sit on, yo know if you crash to much you won't be able to get to finish and made your driving "carefull" and every crash (and careful riving won't save you) was something to care about.

FO2 was a disappointment in this feature, sure, crashing is fun, but you didn't feel the car that much nor did you care about consequences of crashing into something while speeding 300 km/h. But what I really hate to this day is damn forgiving reset system which makes game so casual, so forgiving. Why would anyone get back on track after crash when he can just press reset and be placed on the closest spot on the road on even have some speed boost? It eliminated running over crashed out drivers because players can push buton immidiately after craqshing. Cars vanish right before you ram them. That system is real culprit.