Author Topic: What do YOU want the backer car to be?  (Read 38125 times)


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Lots of good propositions but I gotta say, when I saw that '64 Imperial banger...that would be something! Or why not the '67 Impala which was proposed on another thread, that would be cool derby car too.  :)


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73 V-Dub Beetle (or an oval window) fits the 'backer' name and they look amazing:
73 Beetle

Split Window Beetle:

Other than that how about an old BMW (E30) they are pretty good

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I would be so happy if this could happen.


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Personally I always thought the backer would have been a dune buggy...


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And a side view of the special Bugbear Lowrider...
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Something luxurious with full chrome would be suitably spectacular without being overpowering imo.
Something like a Rolls Royce

or old Jaguar/Daimler

or maybe some sort of suitably rare hearse/limo/variant

then maybe we could occasionally see a bit of this on track  :D

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I do think the backer car should be different, so a rare body style like a Limo or a hearse would be suitable.

Dirt showdown proved it is okay to throw in unconventional cars in racing games with its hearse, failing that I would like to see a wagon.


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Lada, or UAZ :)


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67 Mustang. Now, this is where people, in a posh British accent of course, go "Nyeh(that is a weird word.), that's outlandish, no one would EVER race and smash up a car like that!" And then they faint from the scandal of it all. My response being that that's why this a video game. Something that you can just have fun with. Yes it wouldn't be realistic, but it isn't realistic to say that every fourth car car in San Francisco is either a 67 Camaro or Zonda Cinque, but would Driver: SF be better if you never saw those kinds of cars? If they were all Corolla's and Neon's and the occasional Audi. No, it wouldn't. And that is somehow related to why the Backer should totally be a 67 Mustang-esque car, I got really sidetracked there

Exactly this answer. It needs to be a car that everyone 'likes'. Something iconic. Doesn't matter if its too beautifull to smash it up. Camaro, Mustang, Delorean... Hell, even de crown victoria cop car converted to derby car would be amazing since everyone will 'recognize' it. :)
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I vote that we have three cars open to us. One specific to those who joined in Pre-Alpha, one for those who joined in Alpha, and another one for those who joined in Beta.

Pre-Alpha backers would get all Three cars.

Alpha backers would get the Alpha and Beta cars.

Beta backers would only get the Beta car.
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Sorry for bad english!


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I think backer-exclusive stuff in general is a questionable practice.. it is fine now during development, to attract more money, but after release it will leave new customers feeling they don't have the full game. Kind of like DLC (yuck), but even worse since you can't even buy it afterwards, should you want to.


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Volkswagen Beetle :) although everybody would want it, so they would all have to buy a higher tier package, but yea, I would still vote for the Beetle ;)


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I don't want it to be something totally wacky like batmobile or school bus, that's for sure. Let it be something really cool and unique.
This would be cool, although not really appropriate for derby:
...or a classic Fiat 500...or Trabant or...the Lada 1500...or the VW Beetle of course. These ones came to mind.
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