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Sick name, sick music &... Ridge Racer Unbounded  :o
First it looked like "RRU became F2P" until I saw 'Repair Kit". Also there's probably new cars. And I wonder how this game will be connected with RRU, how it will be improved over RRU?


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Wow F2P RR! Will watch the trailer when I get home from school! Who is the developer?

Edit: Oh wow, BUGBEAR!!  :o

Edit 2: Watched the trailer, looks like free version of RRU. But this should mean that there will be many people online and I would love that, since in RRU I never really got to play online properly. Looking forward to this! When more info?  :)
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I hope it's not too hard earning for stuff in this game, ehem...NFS World...
Also, I kinda sucked at Ridge Racer Unbounded, so I might be last place in like...all the races I might go on.
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