Author Topic: 5 Muscles Cars 2.0  (Read 1610 times)

Merhunes Dagon

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Hey Everyone ! I don't know if you can make these cars or mod them but it will be so cool if you can creat these muscles cars (I know again big american):

-Ford Mustang 2014
-Ford mustang Shelby gt350
-Dodge Charger 2012 or 2013
-Dodge Challenger 2013
-Chevrolet Camaro ss 2013

I think it's possible to mod these cars because I have the Lancia Delta and the Dodge Charge R/T 1969
Oh and can you added sparks for epic crash ?! It will be so cool !

Merhunes Dagon

I think that it is great that you are having ideas, but there are two problems. One problem is that those aren't very in keeping with the game. Another problem is that it is generally not a good idea to just ask modders to make mods. Usually modders just make want they want in their own time, instead of just taking other people's suggestions.
Ha ha, made ya look.