Register name

This registration tool is used to register your name for in-game use in case you've pre-ordered Master Blaster or Team Bugbear Member product tier of Wreckfest. Master Blaster product owners will be featured as computer-controlled AI drivers using your name. All Team Bugbear Members will have their names appear as AI drivers, and additionally have them listed in the game's credits as well. If you're eligible to have your name featured in the game, you can register your real name and virtual profile name by using your Master Blaster or Team Bugbear Member Forum Badge license key. The key can be viewed on your personal download page, the link to which can be found in the notification email you should have received or in the original order confirmation email.

If you think you're eligible but haven't received the notification email and have lost the original order confirmation email, please contact us at

If you choose to use our service to register your real name and virtual profile name ("names") for in-game use in the game Wreckfest ("game") by Bugbear Entertainment ("we"), then you agree to the collection and the use of information in relation with this policy. The personal information that is collected by us is only used by us for improving the game. By agreeing to these terms, you hereby grant us your legal consent for the unlimited use of your names, as submitted by you, in the game. You also agree that your name will be used, including but not limited to, as names of the computer-controller virtual drivers and that they will appear in the game's credits. You also agree that the name are publicly viewable in the game and in the game's data files by anyone owning the game, and that they can be seen in screenshots, YouTube videos and the like, featuring the game. By agreeing, you'll reserving a right to remove or modify all or any of your names at any time by resubmitting the registration form or by contacting, after which your names will be changed or removed when the game's next content updated is released at our discretion. You also hereby confirm that both your real name and the profile name are correct as well as valid, that you have a legal right to use any and each of the names, that they do not violate the legal rights or trademarks of any third parties, and that they are not names of any other persons, living or dead, nor names of legal entities such as those of trademarked companies, products or anything equivalent. We reserve a right to remove any names deemed infringing.