2019 xref spectator files not showing on mod tracks


Ever since the Aug/Sep 2019 update, xref spectators .scne files do not show up on mod tracks.
I believe this was the update where they were changed to become instances to save on performance.

I've asked in the Discord modding section a few times about this, but none of us have found the solution - other than using old 2018 .scne files.
It would be nice to utilise the performance benefit from the new files.

Is there a new naming convention or an additional parameter required anywhere to get them to show up?
We noticed all xrefs .scnes on BB tracks are now named and numbered in the convention of 'file_name#xref001', but experimenting with this hasn't produced anything yet (other than causing the game to crash, so the names must affect something?)

Any help appreciated!


I tried put spectators and x-tree on my track in Blender and so far everything works fine.

What's the secret to breaking things up?

If subscene scale is 0 it can break things up, also track base transform matrix can. But I think theres is something else?

St. Jimmy

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Can you give some example files/mod where those aren't working and where they're working for a quick look?


Figured out if your main track have as subscene _base.scne with scale 0,0,0 it will also make spectators and trees disappear.

It's bug in Bagedit that it sets scale of everything to 0 when loading old files. Scale should never be 0, but something close to 1. (1=100% scale)