CanyonCross ( Canyonx ) Custom track

Hey folks, glad to bring to you this concoction of madness. Found on the Steam workshop here:
And youtube for good measure
Custom track set in a harsh desert environment, with bumps and other hazards present too. Multiple variations currently, will be adding more and fixing things as I go along.

I Will be hosting this during the 24 of Le-mash, 6/25 9am pst to 6/26 9am pst.

Most details on the links, I am very tired and need some sleep.

Now go hit somebody :)



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I just got to test X CanyonCross mod online with x-tremest555 . It a winner!! :)

I definitely will spend some time at his server this weekend during the LeMash event. ;)


There is nothing impossible just laziness!! ;-)
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One of The Best Mods out here Ever (Next to all mods out here)! :)


This is really great. A lot variations and funny bumps on the tracks. :D+

I like the Standard, the HalfPipe, Flagpole and a lot of the other track variations.

The dirt tracks are a bit too wide for my taste.

Please do more tracks like "Red Rover" and flagpole style from EveOf Destruction game. :eek:


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I found out Monday, x-tremest has beat me to it, of making a double figure 8 track. :)

Good work on the mod X! :D