Combined Axis Brake/Accelerator issue


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Hi there,

I'm running a Fanatec CSW1.5 with separate pedals run off a Leo Bodnar Board.

There is nowhere for me to split the Accelerator and Brake axis and I am unable to bind both pedals at the same time as binding one cancels the other.

I've as yet been unable to find a post online about the same issue, which I find strange, the setup with separate pedals is not uncommon?

I've looked in the game for an "uncombine" or similar and cannot find an option like that - there is also not an option through the Fanatec software when accessing the Pedal properties page.

Anyone have some advice? This is not an issue on any other racing title for me.


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Hi, I posted this link to your post at Steam WF forum. Give this thread a read:

Not able to use separate pedals shifter and wheelbase! DEVS HELP
EDIT: I discovered the issue was my accelerator pedal triggers when you hit the brake quickly, not much, but enough for the game to register the input. Sorry for wasting your time - but I'll leave this here in case someone else has a similar issue and the cause is the same.

Cheers :)

Hi mate, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I had seen that post earlier and had tried unwinding everything and starting from scratch, but the issue is that the accelerator and brake are being seen as part of the same combined axis.

I get that each controller has it's own "page" and I can see the wheel, keyboard and pedals separately in-game.

For instance (I'm away from pc right now but it's like this):

I go to the pedal "page" to bind Accelerator - press pedal and binding comes up "rY Axis"

I then go to bind brake and it cancels the accelerator binding and comes up with "rY Axis"

Does this make more sense? There is no option for me to uncombine the axis in software (that I know of atm) and no option to have the game recognise a combined axis input (again, that I can find).
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