Cops and Robbers mod online New Year's Day - Sunday, Jan 1 2023


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It time to host another Cops and Robbers mod online. :)

So you are new to Wreckfest and don't know what the Cops and Robbers mod is, then check out this thread where it all started summer of 2015:

Cops and Robbers mod online Saturday, Aug 29th

List of mods needed and correct order to load:

Old Wreckfest texture files

The Very TrackPack

The Very TrackPack #2

Cops and Robbers v12


Host server: P44 - Cops & Robbers New Years day party

US server: Will be using EJsRocket midwest server for both the afternoon session and the evening session.

Afternoon session
Start time: 1:00pm pacific time\ 9:00pm GMT start time, 4:00pm eastern, 9:00pm London, Jan 1, 2023

Evening session
Start time: 7:00pm pacific time\ 3:00am GMT start time, 10:00pm eastern, 3:00am London, Jan 1, 2023

Discord server: provided by [ ASSASSIN ] Devils Shadow

This time around, going add Noodle's new Ninja bike mod. We will use it as a robber car on the Inner Oval C&R map. :)

Also did a new C&R map: Oval 1 derby. This is old alpha version of the Hilltop Oval track. Some Killerbee friendly areas! ;)

We will take turns being a robber and running from the cops!! Here some videos of past Cops and Robbers event:

My Cops and Robber arenas are small Robber car friendly. ;) Should checkout the arenas and find the places a Killerbee can squeeze through and a cop car might not make it through!!

Birkeland Arena
Cops & Robbers
Cops & Robbers 2 - has a drawbridge
Dakar Plateau
Elevated Eight Pit
Harbor Docks
Hillstreet Park
Inner Oval
King of the Roof 1
Oval 1 derby - new
Sandpit 2
Nevada Depot pit
Small Derby Pits
Talledega Pit
Valley Of The Damned

Here list of the custom Cops and Robbers skins we will be using:

Be sure to pick the cop and robber skins you want use for each car you plan on using. Some skins need to pick Style and Livery in Paintshop.

Police skins:

Warwagon: ( make this skin on your own with a stock skin )

Rammer RS\Sedan:


Roadslayer and GT\AM4 :

Roadcutter\AM5, new addition:



New Cops skins from F-Bomb for the DLC Cardinal, official cop car for Wreckfest. :)

Here a tip I use before loading the Cops and Robbers mod and start picking C&R custom skins. Before starting Wreckfest, I go here to WF save folder:


I make a copy of the \wreckfest folder ( I got 90 copies now ). Then I start Wreckfest and pick my custom C&R skins and be ready to join the Cops and Robbers server. Then when I all done for the day, I can exit Wreckfest, then delete my current \wreckfest save folder, then make a new copy of the copy of the \wreckfest save folder:

\wreckfest - Copy (78) - Copy

Then rename that folder to: \wreckfest

Now all your car skins will be back to what they were before tweaking them for Cops and Robbers. :)
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Robber skins:

Killerbee\Euro 1 ( 5-14 ):

New Roll Your Own, customize-able robber skin:

Trister\Asian 1:


Roadslayer GT\AM4 :

Roadslayer GT

Eagle R


We got some new jail jumpsuit driver skins in Cops and Robbers mod now! Big thanks to F Bomb and Zeb for making it happen!!!!! :)



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First session done. Thanks to all that join. :)

Second session, start in about 2 1\2 hours, at 7:00pm pacific.