Corning or handling editing in bagedit


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Hey, could anyone steer me to the correct files to play with to improve Corning while in bagedit, is there a general slider or is it an cumulative combo of all various suspension options, also if you could give a heads up on a traction setting. Thanks

St. Jimmy

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There's no simple one slider that improves all aspects. Stuff that effects handling:

- Tire properties and dynamics (some simple options and a lot of deeper ones) dynamics files are separated from tire properties.
- Chassis (weight, weight distribution, drag, downforce)

- Suspension (all kinds of spring rate and damping etc. there)
- Differential (not much to change there)

Friction stuff is found from the tiredynamics folder. Cars use Freckfest2 and FWD cars use Freckfest2fwd. There are dynamic files for each different kind of surfaces that the game uses like gravel and tarmac. Simpliest friction increase is to increase lat and lon friction values. Don't go over 2.0 though.