Crash Time 5: Undercover


Also known as: Alarm for Cobra 11: Undercover. The fifth installment of a very same game a certain developer have released over and over again (think of Call of Duty, but worse); but for this one, look at how it evolves (and mostly shamelessly steals last NFS Hot Pursuit's ideas) into something like this:

This is how the previous game looked like:

At least, all of them have ridiculous crashes; almost very vehicle could explode in Michael Bay fashion if they get crashed too hard.


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I played Crash Time 3 and I think it was fun. Haven't even played the fourth and 5th one already comes. :(


RacerBest said:
I played Crash Time 3 and I think it was fun. Haven't even played the fourth and 5th one already comes. :(
Crash Time 4 is basically a rerelease of Crash Time 3 with slightly better graphics. Really. Skip it and get this instead, I think this is basically like CT3 but minus the free roaming part, better graphics, more hypercars, NFSHP-styled weapons instead of semi-abstract gun, instead it's infused with NFS Hot Pursuit's blood. And MUCH MUCH BETTER voice acting, albeit the English still sucked badly.


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Nitro(the first one) is my favorite, while Crash Time 1 is alright-the rest seem pretty crappy imo.


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I really like the Crash Time games.. I downloaded the demo for 5 a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed playing it - I like their physics a lot and absolutely love the destruction. They've got great car models and they trash really nicely.

I never finished Crash Time 3, although I do have it.. I go back and do 10 or 20 minutes on it now and again but I found some of the police missions to be too annoying. I'd spend too long trying to finish a single mission, then wouldn't feel like playing any more.

Crashing video game cars is always great fun to me, though. It feels like they've tightened up their mechanics in CT5 - not sure if that's true but from playing the demo that was the impression I got.