Creating Skins for DLC Vehicles


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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but my searches over the last couple of days have turned up very little useful information.

Firstly, is there a way of creating skins for the DLC vehicles? I've seen several YouTube tutorials for skin creation on mod vehicles, some for base game vehicles, but none for DLC vehicles.

Secondly, I have a bunch of templates for the base game vehicles, but none for DLC vehicles. Are there any available?

All I'd like to do is be able to create custom skins for the Hearse and the Sweeper, both from the Banger Racing DLC. But so far, I can't even work out where the in-game skins are stored for those, let alone be able to use them as guides in the event that templates are unavailable.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)


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yes there is... the hearse is 38_european, sweeper is 37_european

Wreckfest Competitive Zone on Discord has links to templates

directory structure and files required are similar to basic cars, even though DLC car files are hidden.

Check this out:


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HI Zebulon55, thanks for your reply!

I now have the relevant templates, so I can get cracking with my designs.

When you say the directory structures are similar to basic cars, is that something this tutorial covers?


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I have added a few of Zeb custom skin to my track mods. like these 2 for the Outlaw:

Here what the folder structure look like for these 2 custom skins:

Zeb uses vepa files to load custom skins. You will have to ask Zeb about vepa files and why use them.

Also here a list of the car folders, if want to skin any other cars; ;)

01_American Speedbird
02_European Killerbee S
02_European_01 Killerbee
03_American Rammer RS
03_American_01 Rammer
04_European Gremlim
05_American Starbeast
06_American Roadslayer GT
06_American_01 Roadslayer
07_European Boomer RS
07_European_01 Boomer
08_Asian Tristar
09_American Roadcutter
10_American El Matador
11_European Bulldog
12_European Buggy
13_Asian Sunrise Super
14_American Gatecrasher
15_European Panther RS
16_European Hammerhead
17_Asian Nexus RX
18_American Rocket
19_American Hotshot
20_European Firefly
21_European Dominator
22_Asian Speedemon
23_American Bandit
23_American_01 Ripper Bandit
24_American Warwagon
25_American MudDigger
26_American Vemon
27_American Limo
28_european Hornet
29_American Wingman
30_American Outlaw
data/vehicle/31_asian Raiden
data/vehicle/32_american Vandal
data/vehicle/33_american Rebel Rat

data/vehicle/34_american Grand Duke
data/vehicle/35_american Little Thrasher
data/vehicle/36_american Wildking
Sweeper = 37_european
Hearse = 38_european

39_american = Bullet
40_american = Cardinal
41_asian = Razor

42_european = Stellar
43_european = Speedie
44_american = Raven

45_american = Blade
46_european = Gorbie
ice_cream_truck = Step Van

Stock Car = stock_car
Hunter Panther = 15_race_car
Super Venom = 26_race_car
Hellvester = harvester_super
Rocket RX = 18_race_car
Hammer RS = 16_race_car

47_american = Trooper
48_asian = Throphy Runner
buggy = Sandstorm


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Brilliant! Thanks for the folder list, and for sharing the screenshots of the folder structure. Yes, more info on vepa files would be useful. I haven't started the skinning tutorial yet, but I would imagine it's a case of copying a vepa file from the relevant car, renaming it appropriately, then making the necessary changes in Bagedit? Either way, I see lots of work ahead! All worth it in the end though. :cool:


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Similar, but filenames are unique.

You are correct about copying a .vepa and changing it's name and relevant data.
There are also optional .veli (VEhicle LIvery) and menu icon files (yourskinname_128x128_raw.bmap).

liverys are like skins with red, green, and blue areas that can be colored by the player in game.

Icons are in a data/menu/textures folder.

have fun!

here's a shot of bagedit file structure and a vepa for my sportin' wood El Matador. It's a wood sided el camino in a rough and clean version.
Unfortunately the livery is an old one color version so it needs updating and doesn't work if you find it in one of purple's mods.


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..... It's a wood sided el camino in a rough and clean version.
Unfortunately the livery is an old one color version so it needs updating and doesn't work if you find it in one of purple's mods.
You sure Zeb? I loaded up rusty skin in fig8 mod and clean skin in gokart plus, no crash:

Looking at the files in my track mod folders, \art: skins have a date of 2/24/2018, there one livery file 7/2/2019.

\part: vepa files 5\12\20, sportin.veli 1/28/2018

Files have same date in both fig8 and gokart plus track mods.


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The livery was just a paintable top/vinyl top above the trim on the C-pillar.

It was done when the game supported one color liveries. When they changed to three color liveries, it quit working.

same with the Bulldog dog liveries..

I need to make a new livery file for them. Someday. Soon™.


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Thanks for the continued flow of information, guys. I spent a lot of time yesterday scribbling notes and creating a couple of basic skins. Today, I will find out whether or not they work in the game! :D

Regarding the vepa files, is there anything within them I NEED to change apart from the filenames etc?


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gotta set availability to always and the very bottom upgrade parent needs to be like /37_european/root.veru or 38_european for the hearse

top name must match your .bmap filename


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I'm I missing something Zeb, I don't see a new icon when I go to Livery? And would I need your roof menu icon?

I just see the one O with a line through it. Not 2.


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I think I might be missing something too. The painting tutorial which Zeb linked for me in an earlier post, uses the Speedbird to demonstrate skinning. He uses the skin (skin01_c5) and damaged skin (skin01_damaged_c5) files to work with. Trouble is, I don't have damaged skin files for the Hearse or the Sweeper. So now i'm wondering whether my skin will still work properly in the game when it comes to testing them.

Unless I have to make my own just by using scratch/scuff textures? :confused:
EDIT: Ok I added scratches and scuffs to my damage skin, but i'm not entirely happy with the appearance in-game. I prefer the "dented metal" appearance you see on the Bugbear damage models. Oh well, at least my test skin works. I'm off to a good start! :p
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Well, having followed the tutorials and taken the invaluable info provided so far into account, my new skins are working great! The only thing i'm still not happy with is how the car looks when it's damaged.

As mentioned in my previous post, with the standard car skins, you see dents and bulges in the body panels after collisions. With my skins, I don't see that. :confused:

I've added scratches and scuffs to a layer in my master custom skin files, and created the 'xxx_damaged_c5' files from that, so I see those. I just don't see dents and bulges in the panels.

Do I need to create a custom _n.bmap file to achieve this? If so, what's the best way to do it?

Massive thanks to Zeb and Purple for their input and helping me to get started! :D


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I not a skinner, but maybe take a look at some stock damage skin files for the other stock cars? Maybe can use one of them if about same size for the car you doing a custom skin for. Maybe tweak it a little if needed?


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I tried that with random stock cars, but the problem is that they all show the actual skin that they represent, instead of just a damage 'overlay' if that makes sense. Also, taking the Speedbird as an example, there appears to be no discernible difference between the skin file and the damaged skin file for that car.


For dents, it depends.

Are you replacing existing skins or adding new ones?

If you are adding new ones, every skin should have files like this:


For the _n and _s files, I'd suggest just copying existing ones from one of the stock cars. Unless you are trying for some fancy reflective shine effects like gold or silver paint.

For a few of the stock cars, the damage skins look a lot like the undamaged skins.


For damaged skin overlays, DLC cars are harder to work with unless someone else has already made the overlays. It can be done but I don't always do that part for mine. However, I do use the damaged _s and _n files which are the most important.


For the DLC cars, I've only made overlay templates for a few like the Wingman and Outlaw. I've started a few others but they aren't released yet.

I started the hearse but I don't think I started the sweeper.

I make my own.