Drifting Races


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Ug, I can't stand the drifting races. I'd like to see your next game allow you to advance more like Flatout: Ulitmate Carnage. I am stuck on a couple of sections because I am spending way too much time learning to drift race. These races are coming close to being ET stuck in a hole for me.


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Yes the drifting physics are a bit strange. With RWD car you run out of speed which shouldn't happen... Try the FWD car which looks a bit like Nissan GT-R. It never runs out of speed, I beat all the drift races with it easily.

It's strange because FWD shouldn't be able to drift. :eek:


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Drifting usually means using the handbrake and handbrake is always on the rear wheels.
Thus what you say seems logic. You could also use a 4WD.
Unfortunately I did not really find it easier to win the drift attacks trying different .
Still working on it...

Btw I did some drifting practicing in real life and front wheel drive and handbrake drifts like a charm 8)


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What problem are you having with the drifting, exactly?

I found that with the grip stat, three dots is "neutral", which is to say if you put it in a drift it more-or-less stays as slewed out as you put it. In my experience, less than three means you need to keep turning in to keep drifting, and more than three means you need to counter-steer a lot to keep control.

There's a three-dots drifting car you get relatively early access to, and even after getting more powerful machines I stuck with that one. Drifting well just meant finding the right attack angle to get through the corner and relatively little fighting with the car itself.

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I really don't like drifting too. I have no one of drift races from RRU is bronze, silver or gold.


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I think it must be 'in tune' with a certain type of gamer, as I don't have any trouble at all with the drifting in the game but I know there are a lot of people that do. One of the earliest reviews featured a guy who had trouble with the drift button, but to me it seems totally instinctual.

I don't have much to offer in the way of advice other than "it is possible". I haven't dominated all of the races yet (I think I have about 4 I need to do) but I have completed the game.

Good luck! I hope you manage to get past those levels, as it's a great game!


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Thanks, good advice in those posts.

I do know how to drift. I'm not good at it and don't like it. Restarting over and over is not fun and I think it's a flaw in the game to force me to do so.
You may want to experiment with different cars to find the ones that fit you the best for the events you're struggling with. Especially with Drift Attacks, the latest unlock is not necessarily the best option.


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I just have o agree with you but I can get Silver with a 5 max drift car, Mymeathod kinda works drift small on the strightaways and try to get the big hits on the turns! ;D


I'm also having issues with drift races :(. I still don't get why you have the stars system and the domination points requirement. I am currently stuck, because I am unable to get more than 1 star on drifting events and on one part of the city I have 3 stars for the first 5 events and I didn't unlock the 6th one -.-