Failed to create server E-2303

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Hello, I bought the game about a week ago and absolutely love it. Yesterday was testing the private game function in preparation to play with my friend, I created a room no problem and fiddled with bots etc to see how it all works, great. Today once we are both able to play I go to do the same and as soon as I click create server I instantly get a message "failed to create server" with error E-2303 down in the corner. My friend is getting the same error and it happens private or public match. I have no problem joining public matches and we even managed to join the same match and play together. However what I really want to do is create a room. We have so far tried everything short of reinstalling the game. Is there any more info about this error? Is it related to the e-2509 error that is keeping me from comleting the long term torunament events?


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Yes, the issue has been reported so it will be looked into.

Land Sea Air

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Yeah same, on a mostly unrelated note though, the 2509 error with tournaments seems to be fixed now so the target can be seen and fame can be earned. That makes me hopeful that this will be fixed soon.