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7 years plus in the making. I hope the game does not die out in less than a year. I hope the game is given some longevity and fixes and features that can keep us around for a few years at least, make those 7 years mean something. YOu need trophies or medals or something online, something to make people want to level up and keep level high.


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PC online, not even close to dying off. :)

Don't know about consoles, especially with any form of chatting online yet. No text chat, no VOIP.


xbox is certainly not dying, 100s of players online in eu servers all day, even early hours has some full lobbies.
But would still like to see features / rankings to keep people playing even longer. I am not saying it is dying off, just that i don't want to see it do so. I would like to see features that keep people wanting to play it longer, years longer hopefully :)
[Xbox mics work in game now, since 1st update I think]