Fall Brawl Sign Ups Team Smash (S3) Qualifier 1 Oct 11th @5pm Central


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-------Team Sign Ups Only-------
Questions can be directed to the info sheet --->>>https://bit.ly/2HbAwPq

The event starts at 5pm Central on October 11th, 2020
The captain's meeting starts at 7pm Central on October 4th, 2020

Sign up for the Fall Brawl Team Smash Qualifier below! The rules to sign up are as follows:

1) Only Captains with a full team of 4 are to sign up. No partial teams!
2) You must sign up with your steam name that you'll be using for the event and the name you have at time of sign up so that I may contact you! (Feel free to send me a PM in this forum with a link to your steam profile)
3) Sign up with a unique 2 tone or solid color. You will be required to designate your secondary color scheme by the time of the captain's meeting. Don't pick a color scheme that you already see signed up here.
4) Sign up with a unique name and abbreviation for the team. Keep it appropriate, kids like to watch cars get wrecked too!

If you follow those simple instructions your sign up should look like the following example:

Team Name and (abbv): The Krazies (TK)
Team colors: Red/Green Flannel
1) Mo Krazy (C/Captain)
2) Mo's right hand
3) Mo's Krazy Teammate
4) John

Please only captains with a full team of 4 signing up as described below!
And once again, questions can be sent toward the info sheet http://community.bugbeargames.com/threads/fall-brawl-team-smash-s3-qualifier-round-1-info-questions.14259/
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Team Name and (abbv): Beers, Bangin 'n Burnouts (BBB)

Team colors: Black/Gold, Alternate White/Silver

1) Moonface Matty (C) Steam Account: _mattmanhu_
2) VOiD
3) Splave
4) Nugget
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