FATAL ERROR: …MemoryManager.cpp versions 1.44-1.51/Digital Deluxe


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fatal error, game is unplayable unless i delete my save data and start from scratch

i launch the game, it loads a bit, and then wants to give me a seizure with a FATAL ERROR screen


this was almost a month ago, and it's still happening, tho the Changelist now shows: 260579 instead of the value in the video.


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I would say the first thing to do would be try a rebuild database. If that doesn't work, try deleting Wreckfest and re-installing.

If neither of those work, then maybe your HDD is failing or there is a hardware defect.

Hope you get it working.


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solution: backup all savegames delete them and copy the the last two savegames back in to your system, I had it two times. in both cases only one save game was corupt . if its not the newest ur fine if it was the newest u lost all your progression like me. looking for a way to reactivate older saves. seems like if the game creates a new savegame u cant use the old ones anymore.
@devs: Is it possible to activate an older savegame, maybe copy to pc and change something? I was lvl100 with over 400000famepoints, would be a desaster if its all gone, expecialy cause I have two savegames (3.15MB and 16MB) from two days before.