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Hello everyone, this is my 2nd thread here ;p

I keep looking for .bfs unpacker for flatout 1, I want to try replacing some textures with my own ones, though, as far as I see, flatoutjoint.com has been shut down. I don't know if its temporarily or forever.
I tried searching for it through those forums, but without any success. Do you know where can I find bfs unpacker for flatout 1? If you do have it on your hard drive could you please send it to me?

Thanks in advance !


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Purple44 said:
Hi, I'm one of the admins at Flatout Joint and I hope down time is temporary. Look like Mur late paying the hosting the site bill.

You in luck, I have a rar file at mediafire with the unpacker and packer upper for Flatout 1:


If need help, post back here and I will try to help.
Oh, great, thanks. Now I ran into a problem. I thought the tool extracts your whole directory, so you dont have to you know, pack data again, but seems like you need to pack the data file yet again into .bfs to make it work. Now I don't know how do I do this, could you explain me which tool should i use next? Or perhaps there is a tutorial for this on your site?

Cheers and thanks for reading!


Oh sweet jesus, sorry, havent read that this also contains packer for .bfs, sorry mate xD
But yeah even though what do I do next when I pack data into .bfs?


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With FOJ still down, I was able to use Google to bring up a cached post I did:

Title: Re: Can FOV3 be applied to the GOG version somehow?
Post by: Purple44 on February 21, 2010, 01:16:50 AM
Yup that the FOv3 mod Gold file to download. You can download from Heddly site or Moddb site is working again.

I attach a rar file that has the Makebfs program. It will not matter which files go into common1.bfs or common2.bfs files, as long as all the files are there. But you will have to use 2 different \data folders. Make the first \data folder and then drag over the \cars folder with all the cars:


This bfs will be your common2.bfs file.

Now make the second \data folder and copy all the other folders under \data but the \cars folder to you second \data folder:


This bfs will be your common1.bfs file.

When you got your two \data folders ready to be pack up, then start Makebfs program and click "Select files to pack" button, then browse to the first \data folder you want to pack. When you see the \data folder listed in the Look in: window, click Select button.

Now you will see all the files listed that Makebfs will packup. If everything look OK, click MakeBFS button. Give new bfs file a name and tell program where to save file and click save.

If your successful, you will have a common1.bfs and common2.bfs file. Be warn that we do run into a problem sometimes when packing up bfs files, they may not work and give you an "error 38" message. If this happens, you will need to add the filler file that in the FO1-unpack-packer rar file and put it under the \data folder and repack the bfs file. This trick usually will fix a bad bfs file.

FO1-unpack-packer.rar (http://www.mediafire.com/?wtzwzwkyiyt)

Be sure you have the right folder(s) structure ( \data\***\**** ) for your new files so they will overwrite the stock files when game loads and your bfs need to be listed after the stock game bfs for this to work. Also you only need the modded files in your new bfs file.

L:\makebfs fo2 mod\data\tracks\winterasphalt\textures


Archives = {
[1] = "common1.bfs",
[2] = "common2.bfs",
[3] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks1.bfs",
[4] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks2.bfs",
[5] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks3.bfs",
[6] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks4.bfs",
[7] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks5.bfs",



Archives = {
[1] = "FOV3-Patches/fov3.bfs",
[2] = "FOV3-Patches/wheeltest.bfs",
[3] = "FOV3-CustomCars/Mur/vincarpack.bfs",
[4] = "FOV3-CustomCars/Mur/MCOmusclepack.bfs",
[5] = "FOV3-CustomCars/Mur/MCOclassicpack.bfs",
[6] = "FOV3-CustomCars/car18_Skidrows_CopCar_Redone.bfs",
[7] = "FOV3-CustomCars/20_MurPepp.bfs",
[8] = "FOV3-CustomCars/24buickgtsfov3.bfs",
[9] = "FOV3-CustomCars/Mur/29cobrafov3.bfs",
[10] = "FOV3-CustomCars/Mur/32CamaroRSSS_car32.bfs",
[11] = "FOV3-CustomCars/Mur/31jeepV2.bfs",
[12] = "FOV3-CustomCars/Mur/car30_65corvette.bfs",
[13] = "FOV3-CustomCars/skins/M&Mskin_car16.bfs",
[14] = "FOV3-CustomCars/tires/trackmasters.bfs",
[15] = "FOV3-CustomCars/car29cobraskins.bfs",
[16] = "FOV3-CustomCars/skins/car32camaroskins.bfs",
[17] = "FOV3-CustomCars/skins/purplefh.bfs",

[18] = "FOV3-Patches/fov3overrite.bfs",
[19] = "FOV3-Patches/car12_extraskins.bfs",
[20] = "FOV3-Patches/fig8 track pack.bfs",
[21] = "FOV3-Patches/propellermod.bfs",

Here the readme out of the doc file for BFS Workshop.doc:

First created folder and name it “BFS Workshop”

Placed in it the packer and unpacker (just out of their respective zip file)

Copy in it a file you want to unpack.

To unpack, open up a DOS box and using the appropriate DOS commands place yourself in the work folder (in this case G:, enter, cd BFS Workshop), required to run the unpacker in a controlled manner at the command prompt type “bfsunpack chrisdodgeHz.bfs” and hit enter


To keep on adding just rename the data folder so you know what is in it, in this case it became “data dodge”

Now to repack it:

Simply run the makebfs by double clicking it on the spot, I find desktop shortcuts messy 

Click Select files to pack and move to the folder that contains what you want to put in the new BFS, the base path value is where Flatout will think it finds the contents, data is good enough for now

Clicking OK will list the files chosen for packing

click MakeBFS and work your way to your workspace

You can now overwrite the one in there, or simply enter a new name to evolve your WIP.

Tha’s it.



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I have been trying to connect to the FOJ site for 2 months now... and had no success. it's a shame really. Miss that place a lot. and hopefully you guys will get that corrected by the time NCG finally is finished.