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So now that I completed the game, which mods you people suggest me to install?
Is FOv3 good?

Suggest some great mods so I know what to download. ^^


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Depends if you want to race online or offline with Flatout 1 and if got the Steam version of Flatout 1 ( v1.0 ), you will need to patch it to v1.1 to load mods.

The guys over at http://fo-online.net/ like to use FOv2Plus v1.2 to race online. Mod is the FOv2 mod Flatout Joint did for Flatout 1 that added reverse tracks and let you add 16 custom cars to patch file and they added some extra stuff to our mod:

FOV2 Readme.txt

Here it is this mod/patch will make the 2 versions of FO compatible with V1.2 features,Plus Much more!

V1.2 came out with a few differences for PC, but those differences are in the exe. So what we have done is taken those differences and wrote them into the LUA script.

New Features
*32 Cars – Flatout has been given the ability to handle up to 32 cars now. So start adding them Custom cars numbered 17 to 32.
*24 More Tracks – We have added 18 reverse tracks to the game, in addition to the original tracks. Plus 6 new Demo Derby’s in new locations of the FO world.
*Cars.ini – No more having to change the very touchy cardealer.bed. Just add new cars to the cars.ini. You also can change the cars classes & order while the game is packed as a bfs. This makes it much easier to add new cars to a packed game.
*Imperial Units – The Imperial units command in the options menu now also controls if you see KG or LBS for the cars weights.

Multiplayer Features
*Lobby Chat - (And not just a small 3 line chat).
*Lobby Kick – Boot the people that you don’t want.
*Random Track – No one will know what track it will be until the race starts.
*Quick Car Select – Change car between races without needing to go through the car, transmission and skin selection menus
*Multiplayer Options Menu
*All Tracks Demolition Derby


FOv2Plus v1.2

Date: 01.05.2012

* All FOv2 features (except custom cars!)
* Extra 19 reversed tracks in multiplayer mode
* Fixed improper finish lines and some startpoints
* Improved autojoiner and rejoining after dropout (thanks to CHEB:)
* Corrected several slightly misaligned graphical elements
* Returned one car camera from original FO
* Returned original career mode
* No intro movie

Then there the FOv3 mod where we at FOJ expanded on the FOv2 mod:

Here link to readme file - http://www.lay-zmattress.com//flatout2/purple44/FOv3-ReadMe.htm

Be sure to tryout out my favorite derby arena in Flatout 1, BUGBEAR DD ARENA. The tires have some extra kick to them, think pinball machine. ;)

FOv2 and FOv3 mods do not come with customs cars. You will need to download them separately and make new cars.ini and pacth.ini files to load them.

One the best custom cars make for FO1 is the BUICK GS455. A lot work went into this car. The engine sounds were record from a real Buick GS455 that Stage1 owned.

After you had some fun with "stock" FOv3, might try adding Heddly asphalt conversion tracks and his Flatout 2 cars converted for Flatout 1.

Figure 8 and Asphalt Track Pack for FOv3

Heddly's Custom Cars for FOV3

When your ready to try this, go to this thread, it got the details and the cars.ini, patch.ini and new buick bfs files you will need:

Rusty going to host FOv3 mod and FO 2 mod now.

Here some links for you, would not hurt to do some reading first before trying to mod Flatout 1. Custom cars can be tricky:

FOV3 Discussion!

Here a mod I did to make it easier to try out custom cars in FOv3 without crashing the game.
17-32 ghostcars and menu cars

I suggest you leave your stock Flatout 1 game alone and just make a new \FOv2 mod folder and\or a \FOv3 mod folder and then copy over your Flatout 1 files. Also best to use the Euro v1.1 noCD exe. Come with the FOv3 Gold edition.

At one time I use to have 9 different Flatout 1 game folders. ( like MCO mod, 12monkeys mod ( beta 12 player mod ) ). You can use different sets of cars.ini and patch.ini files to swap out different groups of customs cars, since there only 16 new custom car slots to use. Not 90 extra car slots like we got in Flatout 2 before FO2 crashes. Muratus's MCO CarPacks - FO1 will take up 1 custom patch.ini file. :p



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RacerBest said:
Huh thanks, that's a lot of information. Will try something soon.
The Flatout 1 mods should keep ya busy for awhile. Watch out for them obstacle course tracks, you might get lost. :p

Here download link to one the movies I did, warning no sound: FlatOut-1-Bunker-Hill-Havoc-OC.mpg

And yes, that a custom Trasher done by Reaper in the video. I did some beta testing for Reaper, but he never release this custom Trasher.

After you gotten around to installing Figure 8 and Asphalt Track Pack for FOv3 mod and if you would like to try it out online, let me know and I will host mod that listed in Rusty thread for you and I will see if Heddly and maybe some the guys at FOJ would like to join us. Maybe even invite some the Bugbear devs to join us. :eek:

I love racing the converted asphalt tracks online. Some good racing! :)


RacerBest said:

GOG version can't be modded? :'(

FOv3 Mod Installer says: Unable to open registry key 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\BugBear\FlatOut\Path'
fov2plus works with gog version.


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RacerBest said:

GOG version can't be modded? :'(

FOv3 Mod Installer says: Unable to open registry key 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\BugBear\FlatOut\Path'

Hmmm, read the GOG forum thread you link to. Not good if GOG version of Flatout 1 is unpacked ( no bfs files, no filesystem.ini or patch.ini file ). Surprise GOG would be selling Flatout that way. We only run unpack when we are modding the game, then packup our modded files into bfs files. We assume players with unpack version of Flatout 1 or 2, to have pirated version.

FOv3 mod will not work unpack. The fov3overrite.bfs has been locked so it can not be unpack so players can cheat with the stock Flatout cars.

So it would seem the Steam version of Flatout 1 is the better buy than the GoG version when it come to modding. Adding mods to an unpack Flatout is a headache. But with a patch.ini file, you just add bfs file name and if game crashes, remove bfs file name from patch.ini file and game will work again.


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RacerBest said:
Ah damn, same price as gog version. :'(

FO2 Steam version moddable?
Yes Steam moddable after it been patch to v1.1. Here my old Steam post about doing this:


Purple44;20278104 said:
Yes Steam version of Flatout 1 can be patch.

Purple44;20265055 said:
About Steam Flatout 1 being buggy, it true game has some bugs since Steam\Empire Interactive is selling the the original v1.0 Flatout. When they should be selling the patched Euro v1.1 version of Flatout 1.

I complain about this when I first found out about it back 2007, but nothing happen about upgrading Flatout 1 to v1.1. :( Checkout first part of reply #1 in link below if you want to patch your Steam Flatout 1 to v1.1:


Hmm, this look like a good thread to repost how to patch Steam Flatout 1:

Squireldoo said:

Here i will post a link to my guide. to get Flatout Steam version to work with mods.

Ok by default Steam installs Flatout to a directory inside of the steam folder.

c:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/flatout

The actual install folder for the store bought game is

c:/Program Files/Empire Interactive/flatout

I copied all the files from the steam flatout folder and pasted them into the Empire Interactive folder.

Once you do this then you have a "normally installed game". Then you need to download the flatout update. The file will bring you're version to 1.1

The file will be located here www.ballisticpc.com/flatout1 This link don't work any more, use this link here:

FlatOut PC patch v1.1

Once this is done then you need to download the no-cd patch and dont forget to rename the old flatout.exe to something else just incase.
Overwrite the older flatout.exe with the new .exe

Now you have the game patched to 1.1 and its now free from steam and doesnt require you to run steam to play.

Now to start modding.
When it come to a Flatout folder to copy the Steam Flatout files to, you can name it anything you like and put it on any drive you like: E:\Flatout

Also suggest you email Steam support and ask why they are not selling the patch Euro v1.1 Flatout 1.

If you download Heddly's FOJ Community FOV3 Mod (GOLD Edition) Update V2, it come with the v1.1 euro exe file you need. Since the flatout.exe file that come with the patch will ask for a disk.


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Not buying Flatout 1 again for a third time. :-\

I asked that is FO2 Steam version moddable, I guess it is, but just want to make sure.


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RacerBest said:
Not buying Flatout 1 again for a third time. :-\

I asked that is FO2 Steam version moddable, I guess it is, but just want to make sure.
OOPS, ya Steam Flatout 2 version moddable, it patch to v1.2 already and uses bfs file.

You bought Flatout 1 twice? Did first Flatout 1 you bought have the bfs files? common1.bfs and common2.bfs


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First Flatout I bought was for PS2, when the game was released. ;) Bought PS2 at same day.

Thanks for help, might buy Flatout 2 second time too (got it for PS2 too when it was released, got also FO2 T-shirt when buying it). ;D


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Argh! Steam is so frustrating! Sure, it can be modded but having to download a nocd crack to be able to patch it to the latest version is ridiculous. You expect to pay for games that already have the latest patch applied.

I had the same issue with Monster Jam. It's stuck at v1.0 when there was a patch out that fixes a load of horrible issues it had (like horribly distorted audio).. are Steam interested in helping? No. They say it's the publisher Activision's problem. Are Activision interested in helping? No. They say it's Steam's problem. Grrr.

If they're making money out of it, the least they should do is patch it :(


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STOP! Bitdefender blocked this web page.
The page you are trying to access contains malware.
Web Page: http://fo-online.net/?link=3

Access from your browser has been blocked.

Uhm why am I getting this alert?
Because your antivirus overreacts. And it is not a russian site ;).
No problem with my kaspersky , or from other computer f-secure.