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I very rarely like retexture projects particularly when they're not done by experienced modders but that's really good. Hope to see more.


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I see darker & blurred image on 'after' screens. It's hard to compare with ENB enabled. I'd choose original for now.


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the enb is fully optional as you can turn it on and off in-game ;)
The enb doesn't have DoF (blurred the roadblock picture set the focus on the roadblock)
The ENB will be tweaked if I release it :)


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Bofink said:
the enb is fully optional as you can turn it on and off in-game ;)
The enb doesn't have DoF (blurred the roadblock picture set the focus on the roadblock)
The ENB will be tweaked if I release it :)
If you decide to release this mod, your welcome to upload it to Flatout Joint.


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but how do you install mods? is it like farming simulator or is it different?
Some modders leave their mods in unpack version. At FOJ we prefer the modders to pack up there modded files into a new bfs file. Make it a lot easier for people to add new mod by listing bfs file in the filesystem file or patch file.

Most mods need to load from the patch file after the stock Flatout files are loaded. When come to new texture files for Flatout 2, I use the filesystem file to list them.

Here the filesystem.ini file and patch.ini file I will use today when I will host FOJ FOv3 mod for Flatout 1:


Archives = {
[1] = "common1.bfs",
[2] = "common2.bfs",
[3] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks1.bfs",
[4] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks2.bfs",
[5] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks3.bfs",
[6] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks4.bfs",
[7] ="FOV3-Patches/fov3-tracks5.bfs",


The fov3-track bfs files load the new custom tracks for FO1


Archives = {
[1] = "FOV3-Patches/fov3.bfs",
[2] = "FOV3-CustomCars/HeddlysFOV3Pack.bfs",
[3] = "FOV3-CustomCars/Hedllys_FOV3_CP2.bfs",
[4] = "FOV3-CustomCars/5buickgtsfov3.bfs",
[5] = "FOV3-Patches/fov3overrite.bfs",
[6] = "FOV3-Patches/fig8 track pack.bfs",

We use the patch file to load the FOv3 mod and some of Heddly custom cars and the Buick.

Online with the FOv3 mod for Flatout 1.

Here a Flatout 1 patch.ini file showing 16 individual custom cars being loaded:

Archives = {
[1] = "FOV3-Patches/fov3.bfs",
[2] = "FOV3-Patches/wheeltest.bfs",
[3] = "FOV3-CustomCars/17eleanorfov3.bfs",
[4] = "FOV3-CustomCars/18superbeefov3.bfs",
[5] = "FOV3-CustomCars/19roadrunnerfov3.bfs",
[6] = "FOV3-CustomCars/20_MurPepp.bfs",
[7] = "FOV3-CustomCars/21_bossmustang.bfs",
[8] = "FOV3-CustomCars/22_302mustang.bfs",
[9] = "FOV3-CustomCars/23_charger.bfs",
[10] = "FOV3-CustomCars/24buickgtsfov3.bfs",
[11] = "FOV3-CustomCars/25_camaro.bfs",
[12] = "FOV3-CustomCars/26_corvette.bfs",
[13] = "FOV3-CustomCars/27_cuda.bfs",
[14] = "FOV3-CustomCars/car_28_custom_amazon.bfs",
[15] = "FOV3-CustomCars/29cobrafov3.bfs",
[16] = "FOV3-CustomCars/30_thunderboltfov3.bfs",
[17] = "FOV3-CustomCars/31_novass.bfs",
[18] = "FOV3-CustomCars/32_37ford.bfs",
[19] = "FOV3-CustomCars/car29cobraskins.bfs",
[20] = "FOV3-Patches/cobratirespecs.bfs",
[21] = "FOV3-Patches/fov3overrite.bfs",
[22] = "FOV3-Patches/propellermod.bfs",
[23] = "FOV3-CustomCars/skins/purplefh.bfs",

Here the filesystem file I use for stock FO2 and modded FO2. I load my custom skins for FO2 here, custom skin don't interfere with our community mod.


Heddlys_FO2 Stock CustomCar_6_Pack.bfs

Here patch file I use to load the FOJ Community mod ( that let FO2 load 95 new custom cars ) and the Purplepack:


Purplepack beta final test. Part3

Thanks to Bugbear using bfs files, it made it easy to go from stock Flatout to modded Flatout and back to stock, just buy swapping ( editing ) out patch files. I got over 300 bfs file in my Flatout 2 game folder. FO2 only loads the bfs files that are listed in the filesystem and patch file. :)


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so short version is download the mod and just move it into the file like faming simulator 2013
With Flatout 2, all the bfs files are put into the main Flatout 2 folder. The bfs files are packup data folders, \data\cars\car_46.

With Flatout 1 and our FOv3 mod, some the modded files have to be in the right sub-folder to work. Like "FOV3-Patches/fov3overrite.bfs",.

Edit: Also a lot the mods have been compress to a smaller file size before being uploaded. A lot us use Winrar to compress are modded files. So might want to get Winrar to unpack the rar file before putting bfs file in Flatout 2 folder.

http://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=0 ( look for the "Get It Free" button on download page.


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Bofink said:
Last year I started working on a retexture for FlatOut :)
Got a good chunk of the Forest area and the menu textured but has been on a stand still since December

Click below for pictures:

It was my first time ever texturing and I've gained alot of experience from it

Possible that I will resume this project someday :)
You are doing a great job indeed! :D I also would love to see you finish this project!!!


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Look, even if you don't get this 100% done, please be sure to still upload what you have done! It looks so awesome! I'd love to have it right now in the state it is! Any chance?


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The problem is FlatOut is a racing game, better textures may look nice on screenshots, but not so much in motion.