Folk Frenzy Tournament Update

Janne Suur-Näkki

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  • New tournament: Folk Frenzy
  • New routes for Firwood Motocenter
  • New tournament bundle for Firefly
  • Improvements and bug fixes
We're thrilled to announce the availability of a new tournament update!

We're actively working on improving the gameplay experience based on your feedback, and this release contains a number of additional enhancements and bug fixes. Of these, the improvements in PC Steam multiplayer performance and reliability are the most noteworthy. Please check out the release notes below for a complete summary of items fixed or improved upon.


Game version

PC: 1.279242
PS5: 1.013.000
PS4: 2.13

  • New Firwood Motocenter routes: Rally Circuit and Rally Circuit Reverse.
    (Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are mixed7_r2 and mixed7_r2_rev)
  • Zombies and related effects were removed.
  • New tournament season: Folk Frenzy
  • New free tournament reward bundle for Firefly.
  • Bright specs no longer appear on surfaces with decals.
  • Missing textures are now longer displayed on Bleak City demolition derby arena.
  • (PC) Game data verification is faster.
  • (PC) Game input is now disabled and game paused when Steam overlay is opened.
  • (PC) Changing MSAA setting no longer requires restarting the game.
  • (PS5) Tournament fame points are now transferred correctly during save data migration.
  • When using manual gears, 1st gear is now automatically engaged after resetting.
  • Minimap is now displayed correctly during tournament events.
  • On large levels, player tags are now displayed from a further distance.
  • Bogus wheel damage notification is no longer occasionally displayed at event start.
  • Trooper vehicle name is now displayed correctly in the purchase prompt.
  • Speedie driver model is now displayed correctly at all LOD levels.
  • Killerbee's stock rear spoiler now gets dirty.
  • Wardigger can now endure more damage.
  • (PC) Improved client performance.
  • (PC) Server no longer leaks memory.
  • (PC) In-game hosting with the client works again.
  • (PC) The ping shown in-game now matches the real ping more closely.
  • (PC) Client SteamID is shown when client is connected and disconnected.
  • (PC) Server message is now displayed correctly.
  • (PC) Setting the server password now works properly.
  • A specific message is displayed when client is kicked due to idling.
  • Tristar: Fixed rpm redline issue that could cause sound to stutter if the car is tuned to use shortest gear ratio.
  • In-Game: Fixed issue with Carmageddon start countdown where pausing game during countdown would reset the audio count.
Thanks for all the feedback and happy racing!


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Always really excited to see an update coming to Wreckfest, especially with the New Tracks and Car in the mix and this update did not disappoint overall...however, having said that, I was little disappointed in the look of the Firefly from the Tournament Store.
This is my own personal opinion and your views may vary but I would have liked to see the Firefly with some Bolt on Guards / wider Wheels to give it a more aggressive Race / Wrecking look ( see attached screenshot with some of my Photoshop enhancements )

The enhancements are the bolt on Guards and wider wheels / tires from the Hammerhead RS, but add the center wheel structure and Tire Text look from the Firefly Tournament Store update, just to be different....again only my personal taste, and I feel it gives the Firefly a more aggressive and wider stance look. :cool:

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Feeling the love given to the 'Wardigger'...what a weapon of choice, it looked like it could dish out a good beating / wrecking before...and it certainly can NOW. Absolutely fantastic update for the vehicle.

0 WRECKFEST WARDIGGER Updated copy.jpg1 WRECKFEST WARDIGGER Updated copy.jpg
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Why are the new rally circuits not in the public lobby rotation? You give us new tracks, we should be able to play them in a public lobby. I also haven’t seen Bleak City or Devils Canyon in Racing A lobbies at all. Eagle’s peak will pop up like 3 times in an hour. It gets old. Change it up please!


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You know it's gonna be good when it says Rally Circuit.
Just did 7 laps in each direction, amazing track. That one corner where you kinda jump into it is mad, especially on reverse layout. Love it.
I agree it is a great edition to the game. Just wish we would actually get a chance to race on it in public lobbies.


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Still having some Photoshop Fun with the Firefly....Introducing the 'Firefly Rally':cool:

Using the guards and wheels from the Rocket RX and the rally lights from the Hotshot.

Edit: I have been thrashing this Tournament Store Firefly in Single Player and On-Line and find the Gearing could use some fine tuning. 1/2/3 gearing seems to short, then changing into 4th the gear seems too long so the Firefly gets bogged down easily, especially changing down from 4th to 3rd you hit the rev limiter in 3rd which then slows you down, change back up to 4th and you slow down even more....I was easily wrecked by those coming up behind

Handling is awesome once I got the hang of driving it (still practice needed though), and cornering is just superb.:cool::D

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Keep the great updates coming Bugbear, this game keeps getting better and better. Absolutely love the Wrecking Playground and all the support you've shown the fans over the years. This is an amazing game and I cannot wait to see where it goes next. Thank you again to Team Bugbear and Janne for all the great and fun content.


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Hi all, hi Bugbear !

I love this game more and more.
Made a special video series just with short 2 lap races to worship this fantastic game !

Called it "Wreckfest for Breakfast", every morning a new video and also live on twitch between 6 and 8 in the morning CEST.

Tournament reward livery in action :


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I am the king of the Bumper cars !

Nice bumper car DLC tournament races this season.
Thanks Bugbear ! Have so much fun with it !