For Multiplayer and Replay


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Hello fellas!

So I have a few wishes that I really hope you guys would put into the game.

In multiplayer / Server browser

1. Favorite servers or be able to search by name.
2. QUEUE <-- this is the most important thing in server browser that is missing.
3. Join as a spectator (why?) to make good content or competitions without need to join with a car ingame and DNF to spectate.
4. Mabye a censor thing for the ingame chat (PC) for the most common bad words from toxic players.

In Replaymode

1. A rewind button that dont rewind the whole race. If I find a nice part that I want to record in a cinematic look and "miss" a shot and it is like 2-3 min in the race.. its time consuming to rewinde all and speed upp and hopefully get back to that good shot.
2. Being able to go further with freecam (I think I was able before some update during 2019) but now it stops at a certain height.

Otherwise the game is really nice. Keep doing what you do. (Thanks to all you creators out there)

Kind regards, CrazySpikes


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Ya the freecam is limited to 50 points in height and distance by the tcat track file. :(

Please Bugbear, max out these settings! :)



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From Wreckfest Discord: main-chat channel:

Purple44Today at 1:56 AM
@jannesBB is there a reason freecam is restricted to only 50 points in distance and elevation for the stock WF tracks? Why not set these freecam settings to max seting?

[1:57 AM]

[1:57 AM]
Please give us the freedom to roam the whole track while in spectate mode

jannesBBToday at 2:07 AM

@Purple44 Sorry, no.