G29 Steering Bug


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Hi there was playing the game fine for 6 or 7 races with friends online. Then at the start of a race a problem occurred, my wheel is violently out of control the slightest movement left or right results in a full rotation in game and violent force feed back.

Tried some basic troubleshooting

Tried unplugging and replugging the device
Restarting the game
Reset settings to defaults
Restarted computer
Restarted g29 software
Changing the device in game and resetting defaults after a fresh launch
Adjusted steering sensitivity sliders and reset defaults
Uninstalled G hub and installed older g29 drivers no effect

No other devices except my mouse and keyboard are connected to my PC nothing changed from one race to the next, just started race (multiplayer server) and it was like it. Tried all modes since happens in career, custom and MP modes.

Here is a Video recording Of the problem. -

Tried all of the above to no effect. Please help this is very frustrating


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And on other thread:

"This hotfix addresses a server crash and adds a workaround for the game crashing sporadically both offline and online.
Based on our investigation the crash is related to controller hotplugging, and while we are yet to fix the issue properly, you can now add a launch parameter "-nocontrollerdetection" to disable hotplugging and avoid crashing.
To do so, right click on the game's title in the Steam Library, select "Properties", then click on "Set Launch Options..." and type "-nocontrollerdetection" without quotes to the input field. Finally click "OK" and you're done. "

So, try -nocontrollerdetection on Steam Wreckfest Options and Launch parameter..


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Ya strange wheel working fine online then all of sudden goes wonky. I have a G29 and problems.

This happen offline too? You got other racing games and the G29 working fine in those?

Does the G29 behave when here at the testing window?

Did not see you post doing this, go here:


And delete the \controllers folder. Encase you got a bad controller file.