Game not launching without any error message


just tried installing the game on my laptop but it doesn't start at all. When pressing the play button on steam it let's me choose a version (64/32/no mods), but whatever I choose nothing happens. After a couple of seconds the steam library page goes back to normal, with the play button showing again. No error messages, no loading screen that crashes. I tried some things I found online to fix this issue, like reinstalling, verifying steam files, removing settings in documents, removing settings in steam/userdata (which did not reappear after launching) and updating graphics drivers. Sadly the issue persists.

AMD A8-4500M APU
8GB DDR3 Ram
I know that's not the best but it ran the game before, this is not my first time playing on this machine.


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Does your laptop have a dedicated video card? If so, is Wreckfest using it?

Maybe need to make a game profile:

Purple44;1779387671062313518 said:
The m970 should handle Wreckfest with medium to high graphic settings and maybe MSAA 2x. Maybe get 40-60 FPS. depending on the track.

But you may have do this trick to get Wreckfest to see your laptop's m970:

Most likely you need to create a profile for the game in the display adapter settings and make sure the profile is set to use the primary display adapter. If you're using NVIDIA Optimus, create a new profile in the NVIDIA Control Panel under 3D Settings/Manage 3D Settings for the game, and make sure that 'High-Performance NVIDIA processor' is selected as the preferred graphics processor in Program Settings. For AMD users, the process is pretty much the same. Furthermore, if your laptop has an on-board switch for selecting between Stamina and Speed modes, make sure that Speed is selected; the primary display adapter is available only in the Speed mode.
Can go to Wreckfest launch options and type in: -setup

This bring up WF setup window when you go to start Wreckfest. Can see what GPU Wreckfest is using.

If your laptop only has an onbroad GPU, it label be to wimpy to run Wreckfest.
Oh sorry, forgot to add that to the list of things I tried. The -setup launch option does not alter the behaviour, the settings menu does not come up at all. I also tried editing the settings file in the wreckfest folder in documents directly but that seemed to be a unreadable mess of weird characters when opening with notepad++.

My laptop does not have a dedicated video card, it has an apu. That's AMDs Version of a CPU with an integrated graphics processor


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Did this Wreckfest save folder get created:

C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Documents\My Games\wreckfest\7656119833977****

If not, then it can be something blocking Wreckfest from creating new save folder, like Janne said.

But I do wonder if your laptop is capable of even running Wreckfest if there no dedicated video card?
@Janne I do not have any third party antivirus programs installed. Additionally, I tried disabling the windows defender and tried again after verifying the files. No change.

@Purple That folder in documents got created.
And I'm pretty sure the laptop can run the game. It did so rather well actually during the early access phase. I did not try since the release as I have upgraded to a desktop PC in the meantime, which I sadly do not have available right now.

Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate you sticking with me and trying to figure this out!

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Have you checked the Windows Defender quarantine history just to double-check?

You mentioned that "-setup" doesn't bring up the first-time launcher. How did you try this, via the game's properties on Steam? Do you remember whether the launcher appeared the first time you tried launching the game?
Checked both the quarantine and defender history, no files found.

I tried adding the -setup command both as a launch option on steam and via an edit of a desktop shortcut. Also, after installing the game this time I did not get the launcher at all. Though it might have saved some settings from my earlier installations, which is why I removed all mentions of wreckfest in the steam files, documents, and appdata to try to force the setup to open, without any luck.

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Hmm puzzling...

What about "[STEAM INSTALL LOCATION]/userdata/[STEAMDI]", do you see a folder named 228380 or did you already delete it?

Somehow the launcher not coming up at all does point to either an incomplete installation or antivirus blocking the game.


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If setup window not coming up, usually means Wreckfest crashing, stopping soon after starting. Suggest you use Procmon program to see what happening when Wreckfest starts. If you are logged into Wreckfest Discord channel:

This link will take you to where we talk how to use Procmon to track what Wreckfest is doing when it start up:

I was not allowed to upload the two files here since they did not have an allowed extension (.pml and .dmp), but here are:

- an export of the the process monitor log with a filter on wreckfest (
- a crash dump for the same launch instance which I found in steamapps/common/wreckfest/crash/db/reports (

Those were recorded on a launch using the 64 bit version without mods. Both my OS and CPU support 64 bit. But the same issue also occurs with both of the other launch options, so that should not make a difference.