Getaway Chase Tournament Update

Janne Suur-Näkki

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  • New tournament: Getaway Chase
  • New tournament reward bundles
We're excited to announce the availability of a new tournament!

This time around we're taking you back to Hillstreet, racing flat out through the sprawling downtown streets from checkpoint to checkpoint in a race-prepped Tristar. In the event, the better you do between each checkpoint the more time you save, but with each successive lap you're given less and less time and at the same time the taxi cabs do their best to block you from taking the perfect line. How far can you make it? As for the weekly events, this time around they are a mix of neck-to-neck demolition racing as well as white-knuckle time trials with Rocket RX, so no matter which style is right up your ante there's something sure to strike the right chord with you. Make sure to participate since the tournament shop has been loaded with a new sweet Tristar bundle featured in the monthly event as well as another one for Speeddemon.

Also, the PC version of the game will receive an update since as usual this release also contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes, mainly for the new cup mode we rolled out in the previous major update. Please check out the release notes below for a summary of items added, fixed or improved upon.


Game version

PC: 1.285147

  • New tournament season: Getaway Chase
  • New reward bundles for Tristar and Speedemon
  • Improved client/server synchronization reliability, reducing chance of warping.
  • Session Mode support: Session can be set to Normal, Qualifying or Cup. Two types of Qualifying Sessions are available, Sprint or Lap. In Qualifying Sprint, the players participate in a race lasting the set amount of laps that determines the grid order. In Qualifying Lap, the grid is sorted based on the lap times achieved during the qualifying session lasting the set amount of minutes.
  • Added different Grid Order options: Normal, Reverse, Random or Qualifying. In Normal and Reverse, the grid order is determined by the performance points (PP) of the cars and it can be either fastest first (Normal) or slowest first (Reverse). In the case of Qualifying, the grid order is determined by the Qualifying session.
  • Added support for different Cup Points Systems.
  • Added an option (admin/host/moderator only) to toggle between showing Player IDs and avatar icons in the Lobby.
  • Added Send button for sending lobby chat message.
  • Increased Save Game buffer size to resolve reported save game issues.
  • Added Steam Deck virtual keyboard support.
  • Car icons now reflect the correct car variant.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • On Rosenheim, it's no longer possible to take a shortcut to bypass the start area.
  • Fixed missing collision on Fire Rock Raceway.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • A number of localization fixes.
Thanks for joining us for the ride and happy racing!


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So we've waited all this time (again) for no big game fixes & skins for two cars that barely get used in a online lobby.
Wait, so you've fixed Rosenheim but won't do anything about the grip on HammerheadRS.....
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Finally snow is gone... just hope it would bugger off in real life too, getting reaaaaal sick of it.


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We've been waiting for so long and now THIS!!! : Qualifying sessions :
I was waiting for this since the game launched, this changes everything for online community - Thank you!!

Back in the seat ASAP


Good to see you guys thinking about new multiplayer quality of life ideas. The evolving cup system will give league and tournament heavy servers something new to play with, and from a purely racing standpoint looks pretty cool. As for the new tournament I really like the simple checkpoint race against the clock and vehicles, I think it should be expanded upon and available in offline mode with all vehicles and tracks!

Thanks again guys and looking forward to what you come up with. Love this game!


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Any chance to get the Cup mode for single player custom events? I don't play multiplayer very often but I do enjoy SP every now and then.