[Guide] 6 Things to Do Before world of warcraft Shadowlands


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There won't be another chance for obtaining these rewards, hurry up!

Shadowlands release is on October 26 (US) and 27 (EU). Each time a new expansion gets a release date many players wonder which WoW rewards they should get as soon as possible, not to lose their chance for obtaining them forever. That's only natural, why would you want to have blank spaces in your collection? Let's take a closer look at 6 things you should do before they disappear forever:


Certain things become unobtainable starting with the pre-patch that is due to be released presumably in the middle of September. Even though we still don't have a precise date, one thing is clear: it's happening soon, so you have to start your preparation.


Both Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge are going away as soon as the pre-patch is released – nothing new here. However, if you still haven't got either of those, now is the best time, as the prices on raid carries are at their lowest. Basically, you only have to kill N'zoth in Heroic (Ahead of the Curve) or Mythic (Cutting Edge) difficulty, so check out our N'zoth Kill-Only carries.


This Mythic+ season is the first to have seasonal rewards: a title and a mount. The former is awarded for Keystone Conqueror, the latter is awarded for Keystone Master – you can learn more about these rewards and activties in our dedicated article. What you really need to know about these soon-to-be-veteran tokens now is that there's not much time left to get them. So you either get these historic spoils within the upcoming couple of weeks or you don't and never will. Armada can help you with that, of course: we obtain seasonal rewards for your character fast, usually within less than a day – and if you already have some progress with the dungeons, you'll get a good discount too!


Horrific Visions will not disappear completely, but certain parts of them will. Among those will be the Mad World achievement that grants you the Faceless One title. It's a really difficult one: you have to complete a vision solo with all the 5 masks active. Needless to say, it is a daunting task. And you don't have all the time in the world, to be honest, so you should start your attempts as soon as you can. Also, we can do it for you, and pretty fast: it will take us no longer than an hour – just choose the option "Mad World" in our Horrific Vision carry product.


Phew, hopefully, you managed to obtain all the rewards above in time! Now that you're through with the ones that go away forever some time in September, let's deal with those that disappear forever on October 26/27 when the newest WoW expansion is released.

Uncorrupted Voidwing is not just a mount, it's a proof of your raiding experience: you get it after your first victory over Heroic N'zoth. Not too difficult to obtain, but if you still haven't, your time is running out. Choose any of our Heroic products that includes N'zoth Kill and you'll guarantee yourself a mount.


Brutosaur doesn't become completely unobtainable, but it definitely doesn't become easier to get – quite on the contrary: it will now exist as a rare lot of the Black Market auction house. It means that the price will vary: it can be as low as 1 or 2 million (highly unlikely) and as high as 10 million (it just can't go higher). Whatever the buying price is going to be, the lot with the brutosaur is not guaranteed to appear on your realm. It's a random thing: it can appear on any realm any day. So it actually lowers your chances of getting one. It's so much easier to buy this unique mount before the vendors are gone: yes, it costs 5 million, but you can have them pretty cheap and fast from Armada Boost – click the link below to learn more about the product.


Glacial Tidestorm and Ny'alotha Allseer also don't disappear forever, but their drop rate decreases from 100% to about 1%. Considering the ilvl squish coming in Shadowlands it won't be too easy to farm BFA raids, so you should get the mounts before that. Especially when the Jaina Mythic mount is so cheap: Glacial Tidestorm is currently on sale with 25% off, so make sure to check it out!

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