Help setting up a G29 / G920 Steering Wheel for Wreckfest and Windows 7


Help setting up a G29 / G920 Steering Wheel for Wreckfest and Windows 7


Click on image to make larger, if needed

This guide will help you setup the Logitech G29 / G920 Steering wheel to use in Wreckfest.
Both wheels are basically the same but the G29 has more buttons than the G920.
The extra buttons help while in Wreckfest and other games.
Both wheels work for the PC even tho the box states that the G920 is the wheel for the PC.
Also, others said that the G29 is the better wheel to buy and is featured in this guide.

Information in this guide was obtained in the Wreckfest Discord by;


DinoSK (PC Master Race)
and maybe a couple others.

Anyone else that may have helped I apologize for not remembering your participation.

*** WARNING ***
If you have young children, keep their fingers away from the wheel while setting up.
The wheel will turn left and right to it's extends and may hurt young children's fingers.

Click on any image to view the full sized image. Most were shrunk to fit better.

First, you'll need to go here to download the software for the wheel.
This is the support page for the wheels.

Software - Logitech Support + Download

Scroll down and select Logitech Gaming Software - Blue Arrow


The version showing for download is not the newest drivers and are 32bit.

For the 64 bit and newest version, scroll down and select the Show All Downloads button.
Then choose your version of Windows

Next, scroll down to the version you want to download.
The newest version I have now is 9.02.65
All of them should upgrade to the newest version if you keep auto updates checked.

There is also a firmware update, if you want it.
If it doesn't update automatically, go to the link above and select the Firmware Update Tool icon,
Then download the update and install it.


Once the Logitech Gaming Software is installed, you should have an icon in the tray.


You can right click on the icon and choose Open, About or Exit.


Or you can just double click on it to open it.

This is what you should see.


If the keyboard is showing, select the wheel where the Blue Arrow is pointing.
I had to reboot for the Wheel icon to show up there.
Then select the wheel where I put the Red Arrow.

This is where you configure the buttons and wheel.


The icon at the top is the Default Profile icon.
You can set up a new profile by clicking an icon to the right.


In the New Profile window, you type a Name and Description, then select the + to find the Wreckfest.exe.
This is the path to Wreckfest. Your path may vary depending on where you have Steam installed.
Once you find the Wreckfest.exe, or Wreckfest_x64.exe, hit the OK button to save the changes.

For either profile, double-click on the Steering Wheel icon at the Blue Arrow in the image above to setup the wheel.
I just use the Default Profile for Wreckfest since there is no specific profile for the game.

This is the Axis Properties window.


This is what you want for Wreckfest

Sensitivity is set to 50%. I didn't have to change it.
Wheel Operating Range should be changed to 450 degrees.
Enable Centering Spring in Force Feedback Games should be Unchecked.
Centering Spring Strength should be changed to 0%.

Hit OK to accept the changes. No other changes were made to any other buttons.

said Wreckfest was made for this to be set to 450 degrees.
Purple44 suggested that Wheel Operating Range be set to 240 degrees.
After playing a while with it at 450, I changed this to 270 and like it better.
The lower setting helps in tight turns. Of course, your mileage may vary.

There are other settings that can be made to the profile by hovering your mouse over the profile icon and selecting the little arrow that pops up in the bottom right corner of the icon.


Here you can select Set As Default to make this profile the Default Profile.
You can also select Set As Persistent to use only this profile for all games.
You can also change the icon for the profile by selecting Choose Icon.
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If you have other driving games on your PC, you can select the Scan For New Games icon


In the Scan For New Games window, the software will find profiles to use for other games that are installed on your PC.


A profile for Wreckfest was not in here.

I extracted an icon from the games exe to use here for a Wreckfest profile.
I uploaded it to Mediafire if anyone wants to use it since BugBear didn't add one to it's game folder.

Here is the link - Wreckfest.ico

Once this is all done, hit the X at the top-right to close the Logitech Gaming Software window.

Now you want to calibrate the Wheel in windows.
Go to the Windows Start button and press it.
Then select Devices and Printers.


If Devices and Printers is not there, you can right-click on the Start button and select Properties.
In the Start Menu tab, hit the Customize button - Blue Arrow
In the popup window you can make changes to show different choices in the Start Menu.
Right there you should see a checkbox to the left of Devices and Printers - Red Arrow.
Place a check in the box to show it in the Start Menu.


In the Devices and Printer' window, Right-click on the G29 Wheel Icon and select Game controller settings.


In the Game Controllers window, select the Logitech G29 wheel, then hit the Properties Button


The wheel Properties window will open and you can test the functions of the wheel.
If they're not correct you'll need to calibrate the wheel.
In the G29 wheel Properties window, select the Settings Tab.


Next hit the Calibrate button to calibrate the wheel using the Device Calibration Wizard.

Hit next and read at the top of the window and do what it says to calibrate the wheel.
I'm not gonna screenshot all the windows because it's easy to follow along.
Once done, hit Finish to save it.
Now you should be in the Test tab where you can test the wheel functions again.


In the Test tab, the Clutch isn't there for the G29 wheel but was there for the G920 wheel.
If all is good, you can hit the OK button to save it and exit out.

The next step you have to edit the Registry to change 3 entries.

I was given 2 links with basically the same information about this.
You can click them both if ya want to read more about it.

To edit the Windows Registry, goto the Start menu and select Run - Blue Arrow.
In the Run window, type regedit in the box - Red Arrow - Then hit enter to open the Registry Editor.
If you don't have the Run button, you can do as instructed above.
Scroll down and put a check in the box next to Run Command like I said for the Devices and Printers.


You can also goto Start, then type regedit in the search box - Blue Arrow
Then in the window above you should see regedit.exe - Red Arrow.

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Double-click the regedit.exe to open the Registry Editor.


Be careful in here not to change something by accident.
One little change could make windows not start next time.

If folders are open in the Registry Editor on the left side, just hit the black arrows, next to the folders, to close them down so you can see the 5 main folders of the Windows Registry.
Then hit F5 to refresh it so in the next step only the folders you're working with are seen.
It makes it easier without other folders being open at the same time.

On the left, hit the little arrow next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER to open the folder tree.
Now go down and hit the arrow next to Software,
Now scroll down and hit the arrow next to 'Logitech,
Now hit the arrow next to Gaming Software,
Now hit the arrow next to DriverSettings,
Now select the folder named VID_046D&PID_C29B

This is the full path to the section you need to change.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Logitech\Gaming Software\DriverSettings\VID_046D&PID_C29B


In this folder you want to change the values for these 3 settings;

These three settings are all set to 100% (10000=100%) and need to be changed to 0%

In the window to the right, select and double click DamperStrength.
A new window will open.


In the box named Value data:, change 2710 to 0.
Then hit ok to save the changes.
Now you should see 0x00000000 (0) - Blue Arrow.


Compare to OverallStrength and you can see the change from 0x00002710 (1000) to 0x00000000 (0).

Now do the same thing for OverallStrength and SpringStrength.

Now they should look like this.


If the 3 numbers you just changed look like in the image, you're all done here and can click the red X at the top to close the Registry Editor.

Next we need to make some changes in Wreckfest to make the wheel work properly in game.
Make sure everything is plugged in and ready to go. Then start Wreckfest.

In Wreckfest, select Misc - Blue Arrow - and go into the Settings.


In Settings, select Advance to configure your wheel.
At the top, in the Controller option, the keyboard may be selected.
To use your wheel, use the left or right arrows to find your wheel - Blue Arrow.


If your wheel is not in there, you may need to Detect Controllers at the bottom - Red Arrow.
You can either use your mouse or hit the 'C' key on your keyboard.

If using the G920 wheel, there is a bug that makes the game not start.
You have to unplug the wheel, start the game, plug the wheel back in, then go to settings and Detect Controllers.
Then your wheel should show up in the Controller option.
If it does not show, please contact game support for further assistance.
Devs are working to fix this now.

Now here in the Advanced section, above image, is where you configure your wheel and pedals.

These are the changes I made. The rest can stay as is.

Force Feedback - You want to start at 40% and adjust up or down to your liking.

Steering Saturation - 100%

Steering Sensitivity
- -20% - Purple44 suggested this and seems fine. I haven't tested any other setting so can't say what's best here

Acceleration Saturation - 100% Anything higher than 100% and you won't reach your highest speed.

Brake Saturation - 100%

The Bottom 4 lines are for testing the extends of your wheel and pedals.
Test Steering
Test Throttle
Test Braking
Test Clutch
Hover your mouse over each option to be sure the slider moves completely to the side.

I asked Purple44 to explain why he uses -20% for Steering Sensitivity and this is what he typed;
>> Purple44 Today at 5:52 PM
>> I find if you feel wheel is too touchy going down the road or into the turns, wheels are turning too quick, going -20 helps.

Next - You'll want to configure all the buttons on your wheel.
Go up and select the Controls section to configure the buttons
The buttons are user choice so it's not set in stone what button does what.
These are kind of confusing until you figure out what works where.
You can find the button numbers in the Logitech Gaming Software to figure which button you want to use for what.
Below is what I use now.
I have an Xbox 360 Controller and I matched up the buttons from the controller the best I could to the wheel.

Just an FYI, buttons can be used twice depending on where you're at in the game menu or racing.
For instance, I set the paddles for shifting up and down AND set them to navigate the menu left and right.

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This last part has to do with the car setup.
What you set here will help you to be faster.

After selecting a track, you get to the Difficulty section.
This is where you setup your cars driving aids.

The top choice is the Driving Difficulty.
There are 5 different presets to choose from.





Extra Hard


Use the arrows to choose a different option.

Each one has a different set of controls to use while racing.

The last choice to make is AI Difficulty. This is user choice.
I like Expert because it's more of a challenge and helps to make me faster because the other drivers are faster.

After you start the Event and you get to pit area, go into the Tune section.

Click on image to make larger, if needed

This is where you setup the cars drivetrain.
This is all experimental depending on what car you are using.
This is what I'm trying out now with the Roadslayer.

Below is what DinoSK (PC Master Race) suggested for me to use and it seems to have helped.
Again, this is user choice so there is no set in stone settings here.

DinoSK (PC Master Race)
Every car have its own advantage and disadvantage, I like Gremlin for clean racing, Slayer if I want to go fast in dirty racing server and Rammer/Starbeast if I wanna ram the sgit out of oponents

DinoSK (PC Master Race)
Why hard, just turn off that TC (traction control), only good assists are ABS and SC (stability control)
Use half ABS, no TC, and half SC/Stab
And don't turn off SC yet, or you'll do donuts half the time you are racing

DinoSK (PC Master Race)
I recommend you using;
2-4 suspensions
1-3 gearing
3-5 diff
and brakes - how you want, these settings depends on track and car, but these values are what I am using most of times.
Note: Numbers are represented by the numbers I added to the image above. - Yellow Arrow


I hope this all helps you to setup your new wheel and you have a good time while racing.

Good luck and most of all, Have Fun.
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After 10 years my G27 wheel gave out, I sure do miss it, your post really helped me get my new G920 set up better than I was doing on my own. Thanks for the help. :)


Probably useful to aknowledge that Logitech software's now different, it's called G Hub.
I got a G29 last week and this is my experience, I'm on Win10.

The spring can be disabled from G Hub and I've left the steering sens to 900 and then reduced that in Wreckfest's advanced settings to 33% (not a definitive opinion, just trying on jumps like the ones in Dirt Devil the car can spin quite easily).
I suppose that letting Wreckfest do the scaling is better...

Plus the registry entries are very different from what I read on this page and harder to find, I've found only the damper and the spring ones searching "VID_046D&PID_C24F" with regedit's search function.

Obviously feel free to correct me as I'm a supernoob. Huge kudos to the OP anyway.
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Yeah, an updated post would be great. I would like to know what those registry edits do exactly. Intuitively it seems like the FFB settings are set to zero?


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Right on. I have mine setup very similar, although I like my brake sat at 110 so I don't lock up as easy. I'm going to turn off the spring center and tweak the FFB until I find something I like. A lot of people have said the FFB is garbage in this game, but I wonder if maybe their settings aren't optimal.


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With the G29, the FF on the weaker side, that why I using 100%.

With the DFGT wheel, I only used 70% for FF.



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With my G920 the biggest problem was getting the brakes to feel right, nothing would happen after half way and the force was low, like almost no brakes, the rest of the pedal travel was like wasted effort.

I used the regedit fix here and my wheel feels ok in Wreckfest and other games


I use 100% force feedback with my G29. I did not mess with the registry tweaks.
thx for the picture!
not 100% sure about 100% feedback (pun intended) on g29s with shrunk range, I keep reading (and feeling) that reducing the steering range boosts the feedback so I'm afraid of going to far and clipping. I keep it around 30/35%.
It is also too hot down here to wrestle with a controller just to grind few tournaments, I admit my unworthyness :D
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Right on. I have mine setup very similar, although I like my brake sat at 110 so I don't lock up as easy. I'm going to turn off the spring center and tweak the FFB until I find something I like. A lot of people have said the FFB is garbage in this game, but I wonder if maybe their settings aren't optimal.
thx for the 110% brake sat tip, will try that asap, same problem here and was developing an hyper-sensitive foot psychosis.
can't comment much on the FFB being garbage as I don't play many car games, anyway it feels good enough to me on dirt tracks.