Help unpacking Flatout Head On BFS file (PSP)


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I know this would be the wrong forum to post in but there is no forum made specifically for this game, and it's either here (since this game shares some stuff with UC, and the file structure, from what I can tell, is at least somewhat similar to UC) or in the Flatout 2 forums (since this game is a sort of remake of FO2 but is more active) though if anyone knows anywhere else to ask that would be able to help me, that would be great. What I'm trying to do is add more music to game, at least all of Flatout 2's music, however I don't know how to unpack this .bfs file. I don't know what the file structure is for the other Flatout games, i.e. everything you get along with any .bfs files. For HO there is a .bfs file called FLATOUT.bfs and a folder called DATA which contains the opening video and 20 .at3 files for each song, which I tried changing but all it did was not play those songs, for example if I replace them all then no songs play, not even the song pop-up on the top left appears. There's no filesystem.ini file that I believe Flatout 2 has. The bfs2unpacker from SourceForge does unpack it but only gives a few files, all of which are in the initial data folder that other Flatout games use, this is with bfs2unpack running in both FO2 and FOUC modes. As for the FO1 unpacker, I translated the readme file into English but don't exactly know what I'm meant to be doing with the command line.

Before you say that it isn't possible to mod this game, I already found one that added songs and changed the opening video, however the entire game is translated. Unfortunately I do not know how they did it, whether they built their own unpacker, adapted an existing unpacker or hex edited the entire thing (which I highly doubt, especially when adding the new .ogg files, assuming this game uses them too). Hex editing my .bfs file based on the modded one isn't working great so far, just crashing at various points, and I do not know anything about programming to make my own unpacker, whether it be from scratch or modifying another such as the one on SourceForge/Github.


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No success here either on unpacking Flatout Head On: