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Hello I have scoured the internet trying to find a solution to this but have been unable to find any help online so thought I would ask... Ping in Wreckfest is basically stuck at around 200ms when playing multiplayer and is pretty much unplayable due to rubberbanding and lag.

What I have tried:

-Forwarding all the ports found on this page https://portforward.com/wreckfest/ with a static IP setup as well

-Moving computer closer to the router

-Buying a gaming VPN

-Trying multiple channels on router

-Ensuring access through firewall

-Disabling firewall (Not smart but I got so frustrated I just gaver a shot)

-Updating network drivers

Don't have any idea what else to do. I suspect there could some technical thing I'm missing here and just have no idea what it is. System specs:

250GB SSD no HDD
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2801 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
Running on 5G network as the 2.4 is so slow on Wreckfest it won't play.
Using Windows Defender and Firewall

Also probably worth noting that I do not have this problem with anything else on my computer. Ping to starpage.com comes back at 40-56ms and ping through the PIA VPN is showing as low as 57ms. Distance to server is not the issue as no matter what server I join I get a very consisten ping, between 170-250ms. Any help at all would be so fantastically appreciated! Thank you!!!
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Hi, PING a matter of distance your computer is from the server you are joining, usually. Where do you live in the World?

If not in the US or Europe. label get high PINGs. Ya 200 PINGs will be laggy online. :(


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Hi thanks for responding, I live in Southern British Columbia, Canada. Through PIA VPN I get a server in Seattle as the fastest. Is there a way to tell which country a server is in when you go to join it? I kind of thought any server in North America should work fine.

Also do you know how I can change the label now? I can't find an option for it. Thank you so much!


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Your PING to Seattle should be only like 20 PING.

I in central Washington and Trabb use to run a British Columbia server and I get a 20 PING to his server.

Poop SS server is in the midwest, I get 70 PING there. If I join a east coast server, I get 120 PING.

I get 150 PING to the UK, 200 to Australia.

You should be getting about same PING I do if your connection not being restricted. If using wireless, would cause higher PING. Not sure if going through a VPN would cause extra overhead too.

Can you do a test and run Steam from your Windows desktop and start Wreckfest and go online and see if your PINGs get better?

Can go here and see what servers are busy at the time you want go online: http://wfservertracker.com/

Click Top 5 to change to All, to see all servers that got one or more players in the server.
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