Knights and Dragons


Full time wrecker
Sorry for the spammish post.
But, if anyone has an android phone, tablet, whatever, could you do this for me?

If you have an android device, please download this game, install, go through the short tutorial, and when asked if you were referred, give this code (my code):
Leave it on your system for 1 day, and if you dont like it uninstall it.
Both of us will benefit from this, as you will get some great starting armor, and I will get another referral code towards me getting some armor on my end.
Supper addicting game, btw.
If I reach 30 referals, I get the bad-arsed armor.

Thanks, and sorry for the spam.
I hate when people do this to me.
But, I really want that armor.

Again, sorry for the spammish post.