Logitech Driving Force GT stopped working after update


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After installing the latest update today (2020-12-08) the game does not recognize my driving wheel or pedals at all.
They worked fine yesterday before the update.

Running DeviceOut.exe from tools folder shows the device, but in game it is not shown in controller options.
DeviceOut.exe result (part of it):
"deviceOutVersion" : 0.310,
"gameControllers" : [
"index": 0,
"size": 1100,
"instance": "{5079BCC0-21C9-11EA-8001-444553540000}",
"product": "{2FF045E-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}",
"type": "DI8DEVTYPE_GAMEPAD (0x15:0x2)",
"instanceName": "Controller (Xbox One For Windows)",
"productName": "Controller (Xbox One For Windows)",
"FFGuid": "0x0",
"usagePage": "Generic_Desktop_Page(0x1)",
"usage": "0x5",
"isXInput": true
"index": 1,
"size": 1100,
"instance": "{65311C40-372F-11EB-8001-444553540000}",
"product": "{C294046D-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}",
"type": "DI8DEVTYPE_JOYSTICK (0x14:0x1)",
"instanceName": "Driving Force GT",
"productName": "Driving Force GT",
"FFGuid": "0x0",
"usagePage": "Generic_Desktop_Page(0x1)",
"usage": "0x4",
"isXInput": false


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A hotfix has just been released:



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I can play with the Wheel, but game does not recognize it (in controller settings) and Force feedback is not working. Before the bug update these worked fine.


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Might have wait until the Tue Jan 12 update we should be getting. Maybe it get fix.