LZ4 decompress failed


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You got a bad save file, verifying won't fix this. Need to delete the bad cars5 file.

I see you have 2 \backup folders, look in these folders and find the most current cars5 file. Copy that cars5 file to your main WF save folder:


Start Wreckfest, and label to see a popup window asking to sync the Steam Cloud, pic option to upload save files from the PC to the cloud.
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The game is working how do I get back my missing cars like the doom truck, limo etc?

Thank you for fixing my game!


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Sorry if you have not made some copies of the \Steam\userdata\379510541\228380\local\wreckfest folder, you are out of luck it would seem.

I got 55 copies now, but I started a few years go making copies. And I definitely made a copy after I bought my Doom Rig.

If you go into Tournament mode, go Store, you don't see the Doom Rig as Owned, like I do?