May 17th Quarantine Team Smash for Ca$h! Info Sheet


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Hello again Wreckers, it's long past due but today I'd like to announce our next team smash event which will take place on May17th!!!

Sign ups will close on May 10th!!!! Hopefully we're in the latter half of this quarantine or I'll have to weld up my old Chrysler like the tankdozer guy and see how many plastic bumpered cop cars we can des... er

After you read the rules listed below, captains, please sign up by May 10th!:

Anyways, I have some people pledging cash for the tourney, I don't really know how much there will be total, but I'm quite sure we'll top last event's prize!

If you didn't see the last one, watch the video below to see what this tourney is all about, it's a blast! 4 man team smashin. No resets, no driving rules team derbying and team banger style racing.

See what the last team smash event was all about! All the things that made us go Ooh And Ah!

This tournament will be quite similar with the inital round pairings seen in the first heats, and the b and a main knockout rounds following the heats, but each team will have the double elim chance instead of just the initial round losers.

Long story short, we'll have a much longer event with several more racing and derby rounds and plenty of chance for more than just 2 teams on the track.

Simple rules to this tourney. 1) You'll have to match the paint of your teammates cars of course, both primary and secondary colors and preferably styles of paint.
2) Elect a teammate to be captain, you may only have a total of 4 members on the team including the captain. No substitutes 3) Team members must have their team tag in front of their name, and must use the steam name they have signed up to the tournament with.
4) No special vehicles, no limos, no muddiggers or the other pickups.
5) In the derby rounds, the points do not matter, all that matters is which team still has cars left at the end of the round, last team standing
6) The racing rounds will be determined by who crosses the finish line first on the last lap or the car that progresses the furthest in the race should everyone DNF
7) If a teammate doesn't show up, you can still run without them, but you'll be down a man, and we will start without someone, so be timely!

Other than that, be sure once again to watch the video posted above and HYPE THIS THREAD UP!

Post questions below! and Start bulding those cars!

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any idea what time in the day on which time zone this is happening? My whole team is European and im assuming this is hosted in the USA
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I just like driving.
Thanks. Any idea how long it will last. I have entered anyway but I'm not sure if my whole team will be down. Worth a try but it will be getting pretty late
Probably 3 hours or less. I cannot guarantee that, but last time we did it in 90 minutes (firstish time ever running the event) with 7 teams. If we have 14 teams, it could take a few hours. But I try to be as efficient as possible and I expect the same from the captains.