MORE Dieselpunk !!!


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Hello there dear and legendary Bugbear Ent. I love your FlatOut game and i like Wreckfest very much, hope it will be better and better progressively

I recently played game, lets call it "Crazy Maximus" cause i am a big fan of Dieselpunk genre and i loved it. It has awesome atmosphere and good gameplay

I think that it will be a good idea if you add some tracks and competitions in this genre.
I imagine races in desert with an oil trails on a hot sand and dust flies out from tires
Muddy people in castoffs, on tribunes, screams out your name...
Tracks filled with rusty constructions, fences and railings (ofcourse no adverts on em so tracks looks more atmospheric)
Cars weld with razors. Extra lights and animal skulls on hoods and tops of cars
Explosives, spike traps, and puddles of oil on fire on your way
Blasted car wrecks everywhere
Good old "Carapocalypse"

Thank you.


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