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I just like driving.
This IS NOT the sign up sheet, this is just the info sheet. Questions will be accepted here, a private message on
steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033077287/ , on discord, a private message here in the forums, or at my stream Twitch.tv/Mokarz . Thanks :D

Whose interested in a team smash event? Hoping to hold it the first Sunday in November: 11/3/2019 starting at 5PM Central time (Chicago/Dallas) USA. I'll be throwing up a reward which I'll pay Via paypal to the captain of the winning team. If we get all 16 team slots to sign up and SHOW up, I am planning to double the initial prize money. Donations during the event are welcome and will add to the total prize pool.

16 teams will face off 2 at a time in a best of 3 matchup. The first of 3 events will always be a LAST MAN (TEAM) STANDING match. Whichever team has the last car(s) running in the derby win.
The 2nd event will always be a 10 lap INNER OVAL team race. The first team to have a car to cross the finish line on the last lap wins the race. Or, if all players DNF, whoever has traveled the furthest wins the race. (the game tracks this automatically, so there will be no controversy)
The 3rd event will only occur if the result of the first 2 events is 1-1. In the 3rd event, the winner of the derby, or loser of the 2nd event will be given track choice in an 8 lap RACING event. Just as in the 2nd event, whichever team has the car that traveled furthest wins.
This event will have a random seed bracket. All teams start on #1 or #2 A-Side facing 1 other team in their side of the bracket. The 4 losing teams on each side will be moved to the B-Side where they will run a single 4v4v4v4 (4 teams) Last Team Standing Demolition derby event with the top team advancing to their respective (#1 or #2) A-Side Qualifier.
The (#1 and #2) A-Side qualifiers will be a 4v4v4v4v4 (5 teams total) single Last Team Standing Derby event. The winner of this event will face off against the winner of the other A-side Qualifier derby in the same fashion as in the initial 4v4 matchups in a best of 3.

This event will have a maximum of 16 teams of a maximum of 4 players per team. You may not substitute any players once the event has started. Players may not switch teams or play on any other team than their original team at any given point.


-Each team must delegate ONE captain who will be in charge of relaying information as there will be a number of players in the event. This rule is only for simplification and efficiency. Please do your job as a captain and relay information to me and to your players as necessary to expedite the event. Thank you :)
-Each team is limited to 4 players. You may not substitute any players, however you may play with fewer than 4 players if you have a no show or someone has to leave later in the event. We will not wait for your mate. This is getting done in one night, so if you're on deck, you better have your ducks in a row and ready to race.
-Each team involved in this event must have the same matching colors and scheme amongst each car and player within said team.

-No Special Vehicles (buses, harvesters, etc...) allowed in the competition. Your entire team will be disqualified regardless of result if any member uses any of these vehicles.
-No Muddiggers or Limos allowed. Your entire team will be disqualified regardless of result if any member uses any of these vehicles.
-Any other vanilla (bugbear created) car is allowed in this competition.
-There are no other rules regarding racing or contact other than whoever has the last player(s) standing (in derbies), furthest travelled, or the first player to cross the finish line (in races) wins. You may go the opposite direction around the track.

Holding is a strategy used in derbying which is frowned upon, but I have no way to enforce this. Just remember to give 'er and have fun!

Sign up as a FULL TEAM here: http://community.bugbeargames.com/threads/mos-team-smash-event-sign-up-sheet.11892/
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Mo, what derby pit we going use? Will make a deference what car to pick for the derby.


I just like driving.
Sorry Purple, was out of town, the derby track is going to be fairfield county. The banger oval is going to be big valley speedway inner oval