[Multiplaye] Server Options : add picture of the selected track to ease selection


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Thanks for this very nice game ! I generally play online with friends on private servers, and the "server options" menu is really missing an image of the selected track (when I want to switch to a new one).

Is it possible to add in the "server options menu" (once the server has been started) :
- (1) the image of the selected track
- (2) the shape of the track itself

This will really help players that don't know the name of each track !
Here is an example picture:


Thanks in advance !!!


I've asked the same question here:ngl

I really love Wreckfest. Game engine, physic are good and I have tons of fun playing it with my friends but the game UI need to be fixed and polished. There are so many things wrong here, I don't even know where to start!


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This is really needed! The selection menu when setting up the server is great, but it's terrible afterwards, particularly if you want to find "just another derby track" and you don't know their names