Multiplayer Dedicated Server. Easy Step by Step w/Pictures 2019.


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So after lots of hassle doing this, I've found an easy way that should be fast and easy for everyone.

Step 1.
Easy Server Manager Mod:

Subscribe to the following Mod -

Once subscribed and downloaded, find where the game is located e.g. E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Wreckfest and instead of going to wreckfest instead go to the path E:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\228380\712825572\tools

In there you will find "" Extract it's contents to the path the game is located e.g. E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Wreckfest

Then open "Wreckfest Server Manager.exe" and the rest is self explanatory. Before hitting 'start server' you'll need to follow step 2.

Step 2.
Port Forwarding:

Access your router, find a port forwarding option of some kind, then fill it out with the following ports as I have done below -
27015-27016 TCP and UDP
33540 UDP
33500 TCP and UDP

Wreckfest Example.jpg

To find your IP Address, go "Search" type "cmd" then in cmd type "ipconfig" and hit enter. Then you'll find your IPv4 Address.

cmd example.jpg

If the IPv4 address can't be entered in the router, then it's likely because your connected to some other wireless device other then the router, I had this problem when I was connected to a wireless device that then connected to the router, I needed to directly connect to the router either through ethernet or wireless.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This IPv4 address of yours will change after a couple days unless you set up a static IP address, it never changes until after restarting, so just double check your IPv4 address and update it on the router when necessary before starting your server.

Step 3.
Port Forwarding - Windows Firewall

Use Method 2 Opening Windows Firewall Ports here -

Step 4.

If you want to add anything else here please feel free to do so. I'm currently setting up a server and fiddling around with all the options, so more admin commands etc is helpful.

NOTE: When adding my steam ID to Easy Server Manager Settings, I also had to manually type it into the created server cmd box e.g. /admin 7561631533543
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Also needed to start my own server because on some other persons server I bumped into some cars and then joked that I liked to race blindfolded and got banned, lol the game is called wreckfest, some people just have no common sense.
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Admin in game:

While your in game, simply type "/eventloop" (Without the "") to deactivate the loop you've set up, then change the track to whatever you want while your in game (or you can just leave it on your loop, whatever you prefer) then when leaving the server type "/eventloop" again to activate it and then after the current track it will proceed to track 2. in the list, so if you want to restart at track one, manually change it to your 1st track and activate the loop.

If you leave the loop active and keep manually changing tracks, every time you change track it will be loop 1. 2. 3. etc, so after 3 custom tracks the loop will go to track 4. You also have the additional problem that when finishing a track it will start loading the next track in the loop, meaning you'll be loading twice to choose custom tracks if you keep your loop activate while doing it.

To control the bots, simple pick the car you want the bots to be, then change the settings to "Host's Car Only" and then add the bots, once the bots have been added, change the rules again to "No Restriction" and then change your car while the bots remain the same.

Just some tips, hope that helps :)


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I also found how to run the server on another PC without having to figure out the whole SteamCMD anonymous login thing.

I connected an old laptop via Ethernet, logged into steam as myself, then changed steam to "offline mode" then ran the server and it connected to steam and worked fine, then logged into my steam on my main PC to play the game on. :)


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But if laptop's Steam is offline, how anybody see your server online?


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They did and it worked.

Only problem was that everyone who joined my server had a high ping (100) and mostly bad rubber banding (unplayable) and it wasn't because they were far away or anything, because it occurred to my brother who lives in the same town. The internet speeds for both of us are great for every other game including other wreckfest servers, I have 40mbps download and 20mbps upload.

I tried it with a budget range but fairly modern dual core Laptop connect via Ethernet, and then I tied on my main PC over wireless, no difference between the two and it was unplayable for my brother who joined due to the rubber banding and he fluctuated from 60 - 100 ping (which is still high considering we are in the same town), and yet we can join a Sydney server which is further away and have 40 - 60 ping without any rubber banding.

Any idea?

Thank you.