Nascar 3 Heat to have many more dirt ovals + road course tracks + dirt modifieds


It turns out that the dirt oval in Nascar Heat 2 was the most popular track in online racing.

The road course tracks and especially the roval were also heavily used.

Nascar Heat 3 is going to have improved collision/bump handling (especially for dirt oval racing) so it handle a little more bumping.

They're also going to add a harder AI option.

There will be road courses again plus at least one roval.

It sounds like at least some of the new dirt ovals will be from Dirt to Daytona.

Eldora should also be back from NH2.

There will also be late model dirt modifieds.

Not sure what else.


Here are a few links.

I don't see any old prostocks like Dirt to Daytona had. They might add some as DLC, though.

I think Wreckfest is better suited to dirt ovals but this is still interesting.

I'm curious to see how much of a community builds around the dirt modifieds.

Nascar Racing 2003 is still probably the top mod scene for dirt ovals and new and older cars. iRacing also has a fair amount of modern dirt racing.


I tried this out and they improved quite a bit since Nascar Heat 2.

The dirt tracks look incredible. Track conditions change over the day after they've been driven on. The dirt late models are also great and fun to drive. They're more fun than the Craftsman trucks on dirt. Plus, they can drive on any dirt track. The only dirt track in the truck series is Eldora.

There is even a dirt road course (non-oval) that's a blast. Some oval purists might not like it, though.

Paved tracks include ovals and non-ovals.

The AI and handling have changed.

If you try this, I'd recommend turning off stability control.

For the dirt tracks, I'd also recommend changing the tuning from tight (stable) to loose. You'll be faster and it's more fun and easier to go sideways around corners.

While exploring, you might also want to crank the race lengths way down.

It's best to try things out in Quick Race. Career mode sticks you in a very underpowered car for a long time.

I'm hoping that they'll add the old pro-stocks from Dirt to Daytona. They've been releasing expansion packs. I'm guessing that they'll probably wait until they make Nascar Heat 4.

For those who haven't run paved ovals, using aerodynamic draft from the car in front of you is a must. Race speed can run from 150 to 200mph. Drafting cuts wind resistance and you can go faster. If you're lucky, you can use the extra speed to pass the car in front of you.

The AI is a change from many racing games. These AI try to avoid collisions. In most other games, the AI just slam into you if you're in their line.