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This has been added to steam in the UI section.

Please go to the workshop content folder find this mod and extract the application,
you can then create desktop shortcut.

With this application you can create map mod folder structure so all the folders are created for you with ease i ahve even included
the menu screens with the correct names ready for you to edit and save as TGA and convert to bmap.

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Q: I need to make a track pack, can i use this application?
A: Yes and no, You can use this application to make the structure for your mod, Lets lets say your tyrack pack will be called
MyTrackPack, You can go to the create project page, In the Project Name you would type MyTrackPack and also you must put in a Map Name
If you are creating a new mod you must uncheck Track so you ae able to add a preview image, But only uncheck this if it is a full mod
and not just a track, For tracks only eave this ticked.
Add your Track Pack Preview image (If you do not add a image the application will put in a default one for you) and hit Create Project.
After you have done this and it is complete, you can go work on that map. Once you are ready for another map in the same pack just open
the application again and go to Create Project page as before put in the same project name ie: MyTrackPack and enter in another map name,
this will then look to see if your project exisits first and if so it will skip createing he project files and just create you the new map
files and folders including again the new menu screens all named for you for the new map. BUT you can not make a map with this application!

Q: what is the point of using this application?
A: while i was forever making new folders and files ready for a new map, copying files from other tracks to edit so i made this to
make my life easier. I hope it makes yours easier aswell.

What does this application make?

Here is a list.

Mod Folder ie: MyMod
Data Folder
Track Folder
MyMap Folder
Menu Folder
Objects Folder
Textures Folder (sorry no textures in there)
event_texture_templates_psd Folder
Readme Files
MyMapName.evst (You have to edit these in bagedit before you can use them in game)
MyMapName.tcat (You have to edit these in bagedit before you can use them in game)