New Flatout coming in 2016


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I'm not sure how accurate the numbers are but SteamSpy is reporting this game has sold between 745 - 3,531 copies on Steam. VGChartz says they've sold about 6,000 copies on PS4.

The highest number of players online at one time on Steam is 58 according to

Sounds like they've lost their asses on this game.


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RickyB said:
Compared to Wreckfest, the crashes and behaviour of cars in FO4 look kind of ... what's the word? ridiculous? lame? wrong? bad? silly?
...all of the above...


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I was so excited to get FlatOut 4 (even though I knew way beforehand that it wasn't the same publisher).
I played it for maybe 3 hours and haven't played it since.
The cars handle like crap, the AI is dumb, physics is nonexistent, and even with the most upgraded vehicle in my class coming in 3rd or better is damn near impossible.
Crap game