new lag makes game unplayable


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so with the new cars, and unfixed issues I now have a new issue...

I've been trying different servers all day all with the same results... warping lag, BAD... not only opponents cars but my own, I'm getting left to right warp lag severe enough the car has moved 3 lanes worth over in a flash... gone from dead center of the straightaway to suddenly stopped and bouncing off tire barriers that I was never even near...

its bad enough you've given us un-police-able lobbies that fill up with idiots who want to do nothing more than park and wait to take out the leaders... now I can't even try to play dodgecar because everything just warps back and forth across the track.


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US servers have had some very unstable moments over the last week or so for me and other. But nothing more then a ruined race if more then 6 people join a lobby. Most lag issues I've seen from person to person is a connection issue. Not a server one.


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I'm fairly sure its not a personal connection issue, as I am having none of these issues with any other games (currently in a 12 car lobby on GranTrusimo with no lag at all)


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same on xbox. Today was better, but the game servers could not handle the players since update, and the glitching from lag was unbearable.
my internet is ethernet, and very stable. I could make a whole montage of lag fuck ups in WF tho.