Online Bangers : Wreckfest (2018)


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Re: [WIP] Online Bangers : Wreckfest

blazngun said:
Any plans to do small hatches?

By small do you mean fiesta,polo,nova,micra size? If so probably not, id need to do a few to make it worthwhile and ive got quite a big list of big cars to finish/improvements to make first.


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Download :

*5 tracks from the very track pack (thanks TheVeryEnd) with all dynamic objects removed for improved performance
*28 car models with individual physics
*All old models reworked including deform and collisions boxes plus many new ones
*Aggressive deform proxy settings added (no more drivers getting squashed)
*100s of custom visual parts
*New visual parts UI (awaiting ability to edit UI names)
*Lots of custom parts that affect driving physics (removed currently due to bugbear update)
*Night weather setting
*Custom liveries
*Lots of replicas of real drivers (thanks skin painters)
*Custom emitters and particle effects
*Custom surface dynamics and grip levels
*Custom tire profiles
*Custom gravity and friction settings
*Custom damage and deform settings
*Addition cage camera
*In car camera with drivers arms and g-force based head movement
*All Assists disabled for online balance
*Unlimited Banger Ai class setting
*Bugbear cars disabled (except killerbee) with this mod for online balance - use 'free market' mod to buy them back

*Parts not always working under tuning menu (restart game and tune offline)
*Automatic Gearboxes

Bungal#341 - loads of modelling
TheVeryEnd - Tracks
Foster#307,Moza,Gommy,Moaty,Bromy,Gildo,Ghost,Ryano,Dode,Ripple,Gypsy - replicas,cams,parts and various other little bits
Everyone who helped test over the last 6 months.

If you like this mod, consider sending a donation to help cover the running costs of the servers and mod making expenses.
Send them here :

Join the mod discord group :

Woka Snr

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Well done Sam and anyone that helped him sort out the update. Had a quick go and enjoyed the new cars added etc. I'm sure when it's finished it will be amazing! Has to be the most popular UK Banger Racing Game/Mod at the moment.

Keep up the good work mate.


Awesome work Sam. Loads of improvements over the previous version of the mod.
The amount of customization possibilities through the liveries and parts/decoration opens up a whole new area. Great ingame feature, implemented really well.
Roof of cars not deforming is also a big step in the right direction damage wise. It certainly helps wrecked cars to stay looking like wrecked cars, rather than a piece of origami!
Looking forward to more progress over the coming year.


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I'm glad to see the american 4 banger has finally been permanently removed from the mod.


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timmy76 said:
I'm glad to see the american 4 banger has finally been permanently removed from the mod.
Yea, i dont have the original files so cant repair it. Always wanted physics looking at on it aswell,shared to many of bugbears so it drove round glued to the road.Making it unbalanced with other mod cars.


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Great work by Sam and the team, Mod is spot on and seems to be popular on the server lists most nights seeing 4 full servers!


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Can only echo what others have said, the amount of work and attention to detail by sam and co is amazing! Thanks to all the efforts out in wreckfest seems much busier in he multiplayer community like jake said getting 50+ players consistently each night


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*Bugbear cars return due to popular request (all free but only have 100HP and AI disabled)
*240 E returns (thanks bungal)
*Shakey60/Kosski110 (ds420),Sowter#388 (mk2 granny S) skins added
*Brakes strength lower in lighter weight cars (-0.2 brake power)
*Better skid marks
*Slightly less friction between cars
*Automatic gearbox profile changed
*More friction vs armco
*Weaker Supra/Ls400/mk2e front armour
*All cars weaker rear armour
*Ui names/Quit button
*Wide gearbox set as default
*Front brakes (50%) set as default
*Mk2 granny E in car camera (driver no longer moves around)
*supra subframe texture
*4lr clean texture
*#557 p5 damaged textures
*LR mk2e 8_black rim texture
*4LR ai shouldn't roll over
*68 Xj6, bonnet option 3 removed
*ds420 hearse steering wheel red removed
*Mk2 Granny S engine stronger (breaks radiator later)
*-10% engine efficiency to all v6
*+20% engine efficiency air filter part added
*Emmen and Kings Lynn textures
*Emmen checkpoint

Woka Snr

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I'm really glad you're not going down the route of making it much too easy to drive these cars. Having to have a bit more skill to use the faster cars with Max speed setups, without spinning or losing speed from wheelspin is a lot more fun and rewarding if you get it right. I'm not into Arcade type racing so a big thanks for trying to keep this Mod real Sam. ;)


I really like the deformation grade on the mod cars and the slippery tracks (less grip) better than the vanilla game.

Would it be to hard to make this as a mod for the cars and tracks in the final release game ?

Or do you need to tweak each car and track seperately ?


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FalconXY said:
I really like the deformation grade on the mod cars and the slippery tracks (less grip) better than the vanilla game.

Would it be to hard to make this as a mod for the cars and tracks in the final release game ?

Or do you need to tweak each car and track seperately ?
It wouldn't be particularly hard to setup the base game to behave like the mod, but quite time consuming to adjust cars deformations.


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*werzel#133 mk1grans replica -thanks blake
*tilly#62 240e replica -thanks foster
*woka#213 mkgrane replica -thanks wokasnr
*2 liveries for mk2grane and xj6s3 - thanks wokasnr
*2 New tracks (Warneton and Scunthorpe) -thanks Jake#691

*Texture fixes on Emmen and Kingslynn
*'Difficulty' renamed to 'tuning' menu UI
*Increased body friction for material metal and default (makes wall riding more hazardous)
*Removed old particle effects for now (will receive more attention in the future)
*Added damage_mechanic_scales

*Updated models for 240e,xj6s1,ls400,mk3supra
*mk2grans front tire part removed
*xj6s1/3 red steering wheel part removed
*Slight increase in strength to front of Miller-meteor,Caprice limo,w600
*Reduced rear end armour strength on a lot of cars
*LTD more front lift and aero drag
*P5/4lr less front lift
*68' xj6 slower and heavier
*Removed + performance airfilter option from some cars
*Attempted to fix auto boxes again
*Corrected front toe and camber on a lot of cars
*Ford 2.3,2.8 and 2.9 engine sounds (recorded from real life bangers) -thanks dan moth
*Reworked skinblank _c5/_damaged c5 for half the cars cars (included .tgas if anyone wants to make raw skins)
*Added 'Pre Raced' colourable skin options to cars it was missing from
*Number fins numbers in game for half the cars and local translations options + Ui setup for it (find them under assembly). Pressed fins only,no side/double fins.
*Added 2 gearbox options for jag 4.2 and v6 granny engines and re-balanced old ones - thanks dode
*added 2 brake tuning options aswell as increased brake pressure depending on car weight and changed front bias. They are now (60%-front,55%,50%,45%,40%-rear)
*Added 2 more differential options to car tuning

*Setup all BB cars to be more like bangers (removed visual parts/disabled some parts/secured all panels)
*Setup all BB cars to work with the mod (using mod tire profiles,steering,strength,deform,power etc etc). May need more tuning.
*Set all cars to be unlocked at rank 1 and set the required exp to reach level 23 as 1 exp ( do 1 race and you can unlock everything)


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Another banger mod patch. Turned out to contain a lot more than expected. Servers just being updated and will be back up shortly

-Adjusted collision matrix to reduce rollovers
-Lowered friction (-0.01) to reduce rollovers
-Added Wimbledon and Ringwood flood lit versions
-Added Night 2 weather (no lights)
-Added side protection to all cars (stops crazy tbone deforms)
-Removed damage_real.dset (crash bug fix)
-Removed health from all bugbear cars
-Added Bradford shale,Arlington,Westworld & track bits for older tracks ~jake
-Added #186 mk1grans skin ~boyle
-Added unpainted steel rims to granadas ~foster



I had problems finding the lighted tracks.

I had Online Bangers mod (18.03.) on my PC.
Steam downloaded some files today and I thought it was the update for the mod.

Mod enabled and it shows UK Ovals by TVE. I chose Ringwood track with night weather but there was no additional flood lit.

I disabled Online Bangers mod and unsubscribed the mod on Steam and then resubscribed.
It downloaded 4.9GB !! :D

Is the mod that huge ? :eek:

Then I discovered that I have to use Night 2 weather for the flood lit version. Better name it "Flood lit" or remove the normal "Night". :)

But then graphic errors appears on both of your reworked light tracks.
It seems to be only in the lower half of the screens.
See video.

Even with Bright day setting the error is there. Not on any other tracks.

You should notice to other users that they should use AI sets "Unlimiteds" or "MK2 Granny" for the mod to work.


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14.2 GB (15,345,182,432 bytes) current mod size.

Hmm that is strange with the graphical errors.Only 1 other person has reported similar problems so far. Are you using v-sync? latest graphics card drivers? which GPU?
You are right about the ai sets and weather name. I will try and make those a bit clearer. You should notice the flood lights in all weather modes though, just less obvious than Night 2 with its limited sun light source.