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Lets make topic of cool party games that can be played in one room with 2 or more friends! (4 is always best!)

I've really not found too much of them that can be played with PC or xbox 360. I know that there must be many of them, some that does not get the attention, or those that are just too old to be found easily. So lets share!

I'll start with my personal favorite that can be played with 4 ppl in one room.


- Buy Wrecked from Xbox Live Arcade
- start with normal settings to get the grasp of the game
- after you get bored to the slow cars, turn the game settings to "Fast and Skiddy"
- select some "fair" weapon settings
- now drift away and do your threesixtyninetynoscopehandbrake turns and snipe your friends out of the track

The game is quite much deeper than it looks. You can figure out so much clever ways to defeat your pals.

Bonus tip:
Get some booze to boost the atmosphere!

(don't have xbox 360, but ps2 or xbox? Get the old version: Mashed Fully loaded)

EDIT: Avoid reading the articles and reviews that is complaining about the Singleplayer and Online Multiplayer of Wrecked (or Mashed). It's their fault, that they doesn't have friends :)D) and play alone games that are not made to be played alone. It makes me sick that they cant see any deeper and does review based on 1 hour of singleplayer gameplay (or laggy online one).

Second favorite game that can be played with 4ppl:

Trials Evolution:

- also from xbox live arcade
- just floor it with your bike and try to get faster than others
- unlike in Wrecked you can't do too much to your opponents. Except hit them with your controller, if you can't keep up with their speed (not recommended by me!)

What makes this game fun, is the tight races, where you try to push your head over the finish line before your pals. You can also eject your driver, if you think there is no way you are going to win otherwise.

basically not as deep as Wrecked and gets boring quicker, but still loads of fun in short sessions and every1 has been able to get in to the game quick as with Wrecked.